Why someone as conservative as I am is an enthusisatic supporter of Mitt Romnehy for Senate

I expect that if elected to the U.S. Senate to represent Utah we will see the most conservative Mitt we have ever seen. He will represent Utah which is in many ways the most conservative state in the nation and Mitt will accurately reflect the values of those he represents.

In his previous elected experience Mitt had to work with the Mass State Legislature which was 90% democrat. Then when he ran for president he had to position himself to pick up enough electoral votes to win. In both of those positions he had to present himself as moderate tilting slightly liberal.

In Utah he doesn't need to be any more moderate than the Republicans in Utah. He has already staked his claim to be a budget hawk. He has already staked his claim to defending State's rights in the public lands debate. He will be strongly pro-life and pro-gun rights.

I agree with Newt Gingrich who said that Romney is very smart and will accurately reflect the values of Utah.

Based on my research, I expect Mitt to be to the right of Sen. Hatch and to the left of Sen. Lee.

I don't think that Mitt will waste his time in the Senate pursing the #NeverTrump positions like Flake and McCain did. I expect him to follow what Hatch and Lee have done to work with Trump in ways that benefit Utah.

Of course Mitt will call out Trump on anything that is immoral just as I have done and both Hatch and Lee did. And Trump will give all of us plenty of opportunities to do that. However, Trump's policy positions will be beneficial to Utah and Mitt will facilitate that. I even think that Mitt will be able to push Trump to the right in incremental steps.

I also think that Mitt's national profile will give him an opportunity to push for policies that benefit Utah. Mitt helped elect many of the Republican U.S. Senators and that will be repaid in good will for policies that will benefit Utah. I would not be surprised if Mitt gets into a leadership position in the Senate very quickly despite being the Junior Senator from Utah.

I have appreciated the way that Sen. Hatch has used his seniority during the past year to benefit Utah. My observation is that this past year has been Hatch's best and most productive year in his many years in the U.S. Senate. For many of his years in the U.S. Senate, Utah didn't benefit as much as we did during the past year.

I expect Mitt to fill that gap nicely.

Mitt won't be as conservative as Sen. Lee or Frugal Dougall if he were to be elected. I have loved the way that Sen. Lee has accurately represented my conservative values. I love John Dougall like a brother. But I expect that Mitt be able to more things that Sen. Lee has been able to accomplish. Mitt will be able to move the ball further down the field than either of them and Utah will be the big winner.

Electing Mitt to the U.S. Senate will allow Utah to continue to "punch above it's weight" and be well represented by our Washington DC Delegation.

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