The Alpine School Board invited State Legislature candidates to a lunch today to visit, get to know each other better, and discuss issues that School Districts and the Utah State Legislature.

I got to sit at the table with our School Board Member Paula Hill. I got to ask her about the Alpine School District motto of "Educating all students to ensure the future of our democracy."  Since technically, our form of government is a Republic, I was curious about their choice. She said that there has been a long history that pre-dates her being on the board of conflict over that motto.

The presentation and discussion was very interesting and helped me to better understand the challenge facing the Alpine School District which is the largest school district in the state with over 70,000 students. Here are a collection of slides that impressed me.

Here are the Mission, Vision, and Values that were presented.

This chart shows the growth of the Alpine School District charted with the projections and actuals for the past 10 years.  Growth projections are that we will continue to grow into the future.

Other interesting notes:

  • According to the Utah Tax Payers Association, Alpine School District (ASD) has the lowest adminstrative cost per student
  • ASD received $2.7 million from Utah State Trust Lands
  • ASD educates one out of every 10 students in Utah
  • ASD has over 7,000 employees
  • ASD has over 17,500 computers
  • ASD students have improved science scores by 13.3%, Math scores by 5.6%, and Language scores by 6.9% in the past 8 years.

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