Utah State Legislsative Session begins Monday, January 28th


The countdown is over and the 2013 Utah State Legislative Session will begin on Monday, January 28th at 10am.  I am enthusiastic with a bit of nervousness.

I have heard this same question about 100 times this past week: "Are you ready for the Legislative Session?" My answer is "I don't know if I can ever be ready, but I am doing everything that I can to be ready." I am reading bills, I am getting in-depth financial analysis of education and transportation budgets, I am meeting with state department leadership, I am meeting with constituents, parents, school principals, business leaders, many meetings with precinct chairs, other legislators old and new, many meetings with Republican Party leadership, I even met with the Democratic Minority Leader Jen Seelig.  

Hopefully, I will be as ready as I can be and my many years of experience will serve me well.

I encourage you be engaged and involved in the political process. Read the various bills, listen to the news reporting with a skeptical ear, and discuss and debate the details with friends and neighbors. Please let me know your opinion on the legislation that is being debated over the next 6 weeks.

Send me emails and text messages with the code in the subject line so that I can respond to you quickly. I will try to respond as quickly as I can, given the constraints of time and bandwidth that I have.

I am working with my legislative intern to prepare a weekly summary of the major events and legislation that happens each week. I plan to email that summary to you and my other constituents on Fridays after the week’s work is complete. Hopefully, that will keep you abreast of some of the most important issues. So look for an email from me each Friday for the next 6 weeks.

Since I am on the Education and Transportation committees, you may want to follow the bills that are being debated at these web pages:
Education: http://le.utah.gov/asp/billsintro/SubResults.asp?Listbox4=00790
Transportation: http://le.utah.gov/asp/billsintro/SubResults.asp?Listbox4=02828
Here is a link to a page that allows you to track a bill by its number: http://le.utah.gov/asp/billtrack/track.asp

As I find more links that I think you will find interesting, I will send them to you.

I plan to conduct frequent surveys over the next six weeks to ask for your opinion. I hope that you would take the time to help me best know how I can represent you.

One more thing: I made the commitment to the Utah County Republican Party Delegates that voted for me unanimously at the County Convention that they already know how I will vote on each of the bills that come before me. I made that same commitment to the Utah County Republican Party Central Committee. And I make that same commitment to you. I will study out each bill to the best of my ability and I will vote for what is best for my constituents in Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain.

Thanks for your support,

Representative Dave Lifferth

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Comment by Jennifer Chamberlain on January 26, 2013 at 9:29am
I am not going to beat around the bush about these issues.  Please keep in mind that education is important for ALL children, not just those who are in public schools.  We spend enough on the public schools by taking money from everyone and giving it to the majority.  We personally will not use public schools, and we are having to come up with a lot of money to pay for materials and resources for our children.  There are many things we are never going to be able to afford, which is okay as long as we are not being robbed to pay for other kids to enjoy what our kids cannot.  We should strive to regain ownership of our public lands as our only source for funding public schools, so that those who do not use or believe in government institutions to school our children can be relieved of the tax burden.  Please do not support anything that will raise our taxes in any way to provide for some, because you will be taking away from others if you do.  It does not matter how good a program is if you have to steal to pay for it. I  would like to see a proposal of a state tax exemption for those who do not use the public school system, and I would like to see legislation that protects us as parents from ever being forced to use Common Core in our curriculum..  I do not want a voucher; they have strings attached.  In addition, please vote against anything having to do with a state funded preschool.  Our little ones need their mothers, and this type of program is socialism too.  I realize there are some people who have very difficult situations, but they need to lean on families, friends and churches to help them do what they cannot, not the state. 
Thanks for all you do, and for keeping in touch with everyone.
Jennifer Chamberlain


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