Update on Prison Relocation Site Selection

Subject: Prison Development Update
The chairs of the Prison Development Commission have asked that I send you the following update:
Dear colleagues,
Since the Legislature approved the Salt Lake City site as the location for the new Utah State Correctional Facility, the executive branch has been working hard to perform necessary tests, analyses, and evaluations in preparation for the purchase of the land upon which the facility will be constructed. We wanted to provide you an update of their progress.
Parcel Selection
As you recall, the Salt Lake City site the Legislature approved for the relocation of the state correctional facility is more than 4,000 acres – far larger than what is needed for the new facility. The Division of Facilities Construction and Management (DFCM) has been evaluating two primary parcels within the recommended site to determine which is most suitable for the facility (see map). Today, DFCM is announcing that it has eliminated the east parcel of the Salt Lake City site and will now focus solely on the west property.

The east parcel within the Salt Lake City site was ruled out because of environmental factors and site costs, including issues surrounding the existence of an abandoned landfill proximate to the parcel.
With this decision, DFCM can continue more detailed site planning and review of the west parcel, including evaluating the best boundary options for the new facility. DFCM anticipates finalizing a property purchase and beginning work on the site later this year. Construction is expected to take approximately four years after the purchase is finalized.
As DFCM has been evaluating parcels, it has also been assembling a team of contractors and consultants to design and construct the new correctional facility:
·       Program Manager: In December, DFCM selected the partnership of Big-D Construction and Kitchell (BDK) as project management consultants.
·       Master Architect: In early March, DFCM selected an architectural team composed of GSBS / HOK / CGL  as the master architects for the new facility.
·       Construction Manager/General Contractor: In late March, DFCM selected the partnership of Layton and Okland Construction to construct the facility.

We will continue to keep you updated as the project reaches important milestones. Additional information and regular updates regarding the construction of Utah’s new correctional facility are available at www.newutahstatecorrectionalfacility.com.
As we continue to work with the executive branch to move this project forward, please feel free to come to us with any questions or concerns you have.
Sen. Jerry Stevenson, Co- Chair, Prison Development Commission
Rep. Brad Wilson, Co-Chair, Prison Development Commission

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