Survey Results from Week 2 of 2015 Session

Do you support HB63 that would relax some of the strict use of Devices (GPS,Phone,etc) while Driving law that was passed last year?

Some Other Responses:
J: I support the majority of HB63. However, I disagree with the removal of the maximum fine (section 4.a), the change to a class A misdemeanor in certain circumstances (section 4.b).
S: These laws need to be strengthened, not loosened. Distracted drivers are dangerous and could kill somebody.
R: make the law stricter please, needs to be hands free use only
T: Increase penalties IF someone gets hurt.
J: I am going to get in an accident trying to activate my hands free devices.

Which of these methods should be used to elect School Board Members?

Some Other Responses:
E: I absolutely do not think the Governor should appoint school board members.
J: I haven't seen a bill yet that doesn't have unintentional consequences yet.
J: The partisan system is ignorant of education needs. Proven by every interaction I've had at convention.

Do you support an Independent Office of Inspector General to investigate Government ethics Charges in Utah?

Some Other Responses:
O: but depends there is a spending cap on how much the independent office could spend, limit dollars they could spend
N: Not sure that another tax funded bureaucracy is ever the answer. More laws against the government in favor of investigators seeking information would be a far superior route.
C: Yes, but it depends on the details.
E: yes, if it doesn't mean an increase in taxes. Can they do this and with the money they already have?

Do you plan to go to the State Capitol during the 2015 Legislative Session (January 26-March 12)?

Some Other Responses:
S: Physically not able. Would love to have the ability to watch by internet
E: We will be out of town.
A: My health is preventing me at this time.
B: Thank you for all you do for Eagle Mountain!
J: I always do.

Who do you think will win the NFL Super Bowl XLIX?

Some Other Responses:
P: The balls used in NFL games should be in the control of the Officials much like the way game balls are handled in MLB.
E: I had a super bowl of ice cream.
M: I'm cheating--I watched; wanted them to win anyway!

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