SpeedTrap.org: Speed Traps in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Some local governments use their police departments as revenue generators and don't want people to know where their speed traps are so that they can hand out more tickets. I am posting this for the same reason that the Lehi police department publicizes their speed traps: to get people to slow down.

There are prolly other places in Eagle Mountain that are watched closely, especially around schools in the morning and afternoons.

From http://www.speedtrap.org/city/11751/Eagle%20Mountain

Pony Express Parkway near Silver Lake Parkway Eagle Mountain, UtahCops sit on the north side of the road and radars from right before 7am to about 8:30am or so. He gets you as you top the hill and you will need to break going down the other side in order to not get a citation. He will cite you for 5 or more over the listed speed limit of 30mph.

Ranches Parkway near Pony Express Parkway Eagle Mountain, UtahThe cop Sits in the center turning lane, usually facing northbound, and radaring. He is usually there between 4pm-6pm, but not every day. He will get you for going more than 5 over.

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