Senate District 13 Baseline Survey Results - November 2015

Baseline Survey for Senate District 13 Race

I paid Daryl Acumen to conduct an email survey to all email addresses that he has in Senate District 13 and 14. I wanted to get baseline result of potential and announced State Senate candidates before the end of 2015. Daryl has one of the largest cultivated voter contact lists in Utah County.  Daryl Acumen and Abby Coura are the two other data people in the state that I respect and I value their data. 

I have been in discussion with Daryl since late summer and was finally able to work out logistics and details of the survey. Daryl sent thousands of emails and hundreds of participants responded by taking the survey.  I only requested read-only access to the survey results.  This initial survey has very positive news for the Senate District Candidate Lifferth and potential Christofferson campaigns.  There are warning indicators such has high Unfavorables and low name recognition for other candidates.

In the survey question of who would you vote for if the election were held today, announced Candidate Lifferth leads Christofferson by 24.3% and announced Anderegg by 35.1%.  In a head-to-head match-up, Christofferson leads Anderegg by 14.3%.

These are some of the other responses to this survey question:

Not sure
Not David Lifferth
Not sure
Anderegg's the only one I know, but I'm unimpressed with him
mickey mouse
None, have no clue as to their positions
I can't choose any of the above because I know nothing about any of them

 Candidate Lifferth leads in Question of who would get votes if Election were held today, Total Favorable count, Net Favorable Percentage, Highest Name Recognition, as well as favorability compared to Neutral to indicate positive name recognition.  Christofferson, who has not announced his intentions to run for Senate, had the lowest number of Unfavorable votes in the Senate District 13 surveys. McOmber, who also has not announced, had exactly the same number of favorable and unfavorable responses.

These are some of the other responses that participants added:

David Lifferth listens to his constituents, responds quickly and appropriately and votes consistently with what his constitans want.

Not all of these candidates have announced - does this skew the survey?

McOmber is an individual that can be trusted. He has made discussion is SS that have put more burden on it residents. Such as, tax increase, secondary water use charge, now property rights should be for development not the individual.

I'm curious - who is sponsoring this survey?

new people only

I have heard about this race ve only from dave lifferth

I really haven't done my research, but voted for Kay last time.

I just wish that the GOP would stop fighting how the candidates get on the ballot...and stop doing things so that we might have to have another law suit or case to fight over it...

I know Jacob Anderegg personally, and have no knowledge of or experience with any of the other candidates. Also, I am disappointed at the number of typographic errors in this survey. Upcomign, candidat, elisted, and yoru are all misspelled. The topic question of the survey likely substituted "if" in place of "of". In short, it does not reflect positively on It makes you look amateurish.

Going to study the values and principals of each candidate before answering.

Very disappointed in candidate selection. It would be nice to have one public education fan in the group.
It is too early to share an informed opinion.

No common core in Utah schools

We have been very pleased with Jake Anderegg, as he as served as our Representative. My husband and I will happily support him to be our Senator.

State and local representatives are closer to the people, their interests, and issues. With the current system, we have mor contact and influence than the national level. Thus, these elections are very important.

I find David Lifferth's politics patronizing. Texts for Father's Day, Tea Party rhetoric and so forth. Although I'm a Republican, if there is a candidate from either side of the aisle that is more about the scope and substance of what they are elected to do, he/she will get my vote.

I was unaware of most candidates, so it looks like I need to do some more research. I wish either Anderegg or Lifferth would have just run for reelection in the house, since we need good people there, too.

I do not yet know these candidates.

To early for me to decide.

I have asked to be taken off the Utah county roll call as I have been living in southern Utah for nearly 2 years now
At this point I'm not familiar with any of the candidates.

do not know any of these people we would have to go on line and check them out. Possibly Jacob Anderegg
Christofferson is: from Lehi :) a twin :) a family relative :)

Do not know enough about the other candidates.

christofferson is well balanced,honest,and dedicated = We don't want a tea party radical
Once you get the information out on these canidates, I will be able to give the propel formed opinion. This survey is a bit premature.

Where do I go for information about the candidates?

not sure about the whole UTA/Anderegg/Swizterland thing

I don't know anything about any of the listed candidates - I will need to learn more before I even form an opinion.
I need to learn more about these people because I have no idea what or where they stand on issue's that I care about.

I feel it's time to replace Hatch. I realize this has nothing to do with the race you are surveying about but I wanted to make my opinion heard. The only candidate I know for this race is Kay Christofferson.


Net Unfavorable %=(Somewhat Unfavorable+Quite Unfavorable)/(Very Favorable+Somewhat Favorable

Net Unfavorable Fav-Unfav=(Very Favorable+Somewhat Favorable)-(Somewhat Unfavorable+Quite Unfavorable)

Positive Name Recoginition= Total Favorable to Neutral=(Very Favorable+Somewhat Favorable)- Neutral/No Opinion

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