Dear House of Representatives,


In response to the “Fiscal Cliff” situation: 


We feel strongly that President Obama will not accept any solution that keeps America strong and pulls us out of our dire economic state. His intentions have never seemed to be in support of a strong US and the preservation of our Constitution. It seems more obvious that he intends to do away with our democratic republic, eradicate our free-market economy and establish some sort of socialistic/Marxist one world order. The only way Americans would ever accept this is to first suffer the tribulations of a failed economy, which is part and parcel to what seems to be his agenda and aiding his father’s dream to level America to Kenya poverty level.


Instead of trying in vain to work with Obama, it is high time we get rid of the #1 domestic threat to America, Americans and the Constitution by trying him for treason and having him removed from office. He has committed numerous acts of treason against the American People since taking office: it is still unclear whether he is a natural-born US citizen or not; it has been alleged that he cheated on the votes to get elected and again to get re-elected; his healthcare reform denies citizens, but not himself, the most fundamental, God-given right—that of LIFE; he forwarded and forced a fraudulent "stimulus" package that will only lead to more debt, slavery, massive inflation and weakened economy/defense. Furthermore We the people are not responsible for any fraudulent debt.(think: "Threat to LIFE, LIBERTY and HAPPINESS"); he held a position in the UN chair concurrent with his presidential office. This is not lawful; and, most recently, he decreased security and denied requests for reinforcements at the US Embassy in Benghazi, leading to the deaths of the US Ambassador and several US security troops there, thus aiding and abetting the enemy. To this he also lied to the public about what he did and did not know concerning the incident itself. Now Obama threatens the Second Amendment--the peoples’ right to have guns for protection against harm and tyranny in government. Outlawing guns will not do away with guns. It will only ensure that the criminals have them and the law-abiding citizens don’t.


The Constitution states that only 2 witnesses are needed in a court of law to try the president for treason. We ask for two US representatives to be witnesses for the American People and press charges of treason against Obama based on the treasonous acts as stated.


If this does not work, we petition for investigation into the recent presidential election, wherein there are substantial indications of voter fraud in the way of tens of thousands of un-accounted votes in the swing state of Ohio, and several districts in Philadelphia that were counted as unanimously supporting the incumbent in spite of testimony by individuals who voted contrarily in those same districts. We demand a recount.


Lastly, the Commander in Chief should be subject to a background investigation and periodic re-investigation, just like any other government employee who is entrusted with classified information concerning national security. I am confident he would not have passed his first investigation by his affiliations alone, and he would not pass a re-investigation given his acts of treason.


We expect a reply to this e-mail so that we can be assured of your responsiveness to our deepest concerns and love, protection and preservation of America, American people and the constitution.


Roland and Misty Amendola



Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 16:34:15 -0500
Subject: Hatch Dispatch: The Fiscal Cliff

My fellow Utahn:

With the holidays here and as you spend time with friends and family, I wanted to send you an update of where things stand with the so-called fiscal cliff – a series of tax increases and spending cuts that are set to take place on January 1 st.

Why are we in this situation?  Over ten years ago, the President with bipartisan support from Congress passed significant tax relief to spur long-term economic growth, increase Americans’ paychecks, and spur investment.  These tax bills were unfortunately written to expire after ten years.  Two years ago, President Obama agreed that our economy remained too weak to allow ANY of these taxes to go up and a continuation of all these tax policies were enacted for two more years. 

That brings us to today.  For months now, I have been trying to chart a reasonable path ahead to stop these massive tax increases.  Unfortunately, after his reelection, the President has been intransigent and seems unwilling or unable to work with Republicans to find a reasonable solution. 

You may have heard the President say that all he wants is to raise taxes on so-called millionaires.  That’s all he wants.  That this is how we’ll tackle our debt.  The fact is that with our debt soaring towards $17 TRILLION, raising those taxes would cover about seven days of federal spending.  When I and many of my colleagues have asked for the President to consider reforming government as a means of our supporting more revenue, the President has flatly said no.  The bottom line is that he’s moved the goal posts – he wants more and more of the American people’s tax dollars to support his spending without enacting any reforms that would curb our skyrocketing debt.  That’s not right and it isn’t a real solution. 

I’m also hesitant to raise taxes even on the so-called wealthy.  Not because I give a hoot about the rich – they can hire lawyers and accountants – what I’m worried about is the nearly million small businesses who would be impacted by these very tax increases. 

As your voice in Washington, I’ve heard from countless Utahns who are right when they say that America has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.  But the fact is that if Washington does not act by January 1, 2013 – every single American will see a massive tax hike.  Everyone.  That isn’t right. 

So where do things stand?  Next week, the Senate will return to try to find a reasonable path forward to protect as many Americans as possible.  As the lead Republican on the Finance Committee, the committee in charge of tax policy, I will not stop working to try and find a way to avert the cliff. 

But the recently re-elected President has an obligation to lead.  He is the Commander-in-Chief and it’s time he started acting as such.  We cannot take no for an answer – too much is at stake. 

I know this is frustrating to many of you – it should be.  You work hard, take care of your families, and pay your bills.  Why can’t Washington do the right thing?  My pledge to you is that I will do everything to stop this fiscal cliff before the end of the year. 

Finally, I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


Senator Orrin Hatch



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