Results of survey questions from last week of 2014 Legislative Session

Which option should Utah choose as a Medicaid Expansion Option under the requirements of ObamaCare?

Other Responses:
S: Make a decision now, one way or the other. No reason to go to a special session, other than kicking the can down the road.
M: Nullify ObamaCare. States rights declare we do not have to be bound by it.
A: I have not studied any of these plans.
S: The state needs to allow more private insurance companies to compete for business to keep costs down under the Governor's plan.
G: I need to learn about each option. Closest to getting rid of Obama-care is desired
C: only if the feds have no control
A: It is the right thing to do for hard working low paid taxpaying citizens of Utah. House plan is inhuman, gov plan is windfall to private insurance with no real promise to continue.
B: I would look into state laws that would do its best to nullify ObamaCare entirely if possible.
M: Do not comply. The states are sovereign entities. Sometimes we need to act like it.
B: Going to leave this up to your best thoughts.
D: When we accept money from the Federal Government that already overspends, what happens if they can't fund this in the future and this entitlement is already in place? Doesn't the saying go something like this

Do you support SB245 which allows for Online Internet Voting?
(I actually asked the wrong question, this was supposed to be for disabled voters and not all voters)

Other Responses:
S: We already have provisions for absentee voting.
M: I feel there is to much abuse an or hacking potential for online voting.
P: There are many elderly or disabled people who cannot get to the polls but would like to exercise their right to vote!
P: Too many opportunities for fraud.
G: Want to know more about security risks...
C: opening for voter fraud
B: Its to risky and not secure enough.
D: Disabled people can already vote by mail. How can you ID someone online? Before I could support this, there needs to be something in place where a person voting online has to be ID'd

Do you support SB80 that allows students to take Online Courses that would not be considered Dual Enrollment?

Other Responses:
M: Concurent enrollment is the most cost effective ways for high school students to get college credit
S: In reading the bill, I don't see a provision to hold students/parents accountable for failure to complete online coursework. Currently, only 13% of students who sign up for online courses finish them, yet online course companies still get paid. I think students/parents should be pay back the money that was wasted when they choose to sign up for online course work.
C: more people should use online ed
A: As long as the classes are not religious in nature.
M: It creates lots of funding problems under ther current funding programs. If it's not classified as dual enrollment, how does it get paid for?


 Do you support HB91 which allows for Same Day Voter Registration?Other Responses:
S: HB91 is open meetings legislation and SB91 is school district splitting legislation.
P: As long as there was a requirement for sound proof of citizenship and residency in the applicable county/city
C: if just moving in they can not know who to vote for
B: I believe this would just open up more possibility of voter fraud.
K: There would be greater turnout but also greater chance of problems. Still I say yes.
B: As long as they have proper picture identification.


Do you support HJR8 which would be Utah`s official call for a Constitutional Convention to require a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution?

Other Responses:
M: we are long over due for a balanced budget amendment and congress is unable to get the job done.
P: But am concerned with the details that would have to be put in place for the application of such an amendment. Rather than requiring income receiving matching expenditures every year, it should be over a longer period such as 3-4 years. There are too many variables in a single year such as the cost of entitlements, multi-year contracts, and so forth to require it for a single year. Over several years, however, it would be achievable and much-needed.
P: Only if a balanced budget demanded that The Military be provided with adequate funds to go toe-to-toe with other international entities for manpower and technology, provided a secure safety net for truly vulnerable Citizens, and funded advanced education and scientific research that will allow The US to compete toe-to-toe with international entities. If those things can't be accommodated it will be a waste of time and money.
C: opening a can of worms
A: Once you call a convention the entire Constitution is the open to change. That is the reason a Convention has not been used as no matter how much you try to limit it the entire thing can be thrown out. That is why we have an amendment proceedure and it is meant to be hard.
B: I would always like a balanced budget. But a Constitutional Convention has the potential to wreck the constitution as it is. I don't like that idea.
D: Absolutely, positively, YES! A constitutional convention has technically never been used to its full intent. With runaway Federal Government spending, we need to have a Constitutional Convention and amend the Constitution at a grass roots level. People that are against this don't realize that any amendment that comes out of the convention still has to be ratified by 3/4 of the states, same rules if an amendment comes from Washington, and we know nothing good will come from DC.

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