Results of Post 2014 Legislative Session survey

Have you participated in the surveys conducted by Rep. David Lifferth?

*Nearly 75% have participated in Rep. Lifferth's daily or weekly surveys


Some Other Responses:
J: I haven't but will from now on.
B: Some but not all
S: On the tail end of your efforts
P: I think I have, but am not sure.



Do you think that the surveys conducted by Rep. David Lifferth assisted him in voting on specific legislation?


*Only 3% of respondents felt that they daily and weekly surveys did not assist Rep. Lifferth in voting

Some Other Responses:
P: I hope so, but I really don't know that I, specifically, helped with his positions
J: Sometimes
R: You should vote what you know to be true. You have much more information that we do, and we expect you to make an informed decision. Of course, constituents can be a source of that information.
J: Hard to say. I feel like he voted appropriately on some things, and was off the wall for others.



Did the survey questions help you learn about important issues facing the state of Utah?

*More than 80% of respondents (including other comments) learned about important Utah issues by participating in the surveys, while less than 10% did not learn about important Utah issues from the surveys.


Some Other Responses:
W: Absolutely! It helped me know the bill numbers to research out of the thousands presented each year
C: I believe surveys are helpful
M: Sort of. It would have been nice to have links to summaries of issues.
S: I did not complete the last couple surveys
D: somewhat
R: Probably some issues but not all issues.
S: The basics. Followed by discussions needed for full context
J: Sometimes



Do you feel that the surveys were a waste of time and didn't serve any useful purpose?

*Less than 1%, (only one person) said that taking the daily and weekly surveys was a waste of time.

*Over 95% (including other comments) said that the surveys were not a waste of time.


Some Other Responses:
M: They were probably good, but... timing is tough. I don't want to give an uniformed opinion, yet I know you need timely responses. Having links to the issues was helpful, but still hard to tease out the details and what it all really means sometimes.
J: It is interesting to know how others feel about issues, but your decisions should be principle based, not popularity based.
R: This is the first survey I've taken
D: This is the first survey I have opened
B: Depends on the content.
K: I hadn't paid attention to them until today. I attended my precinct caucus Thursday night and want to let you know it was a mess. We were not given the opportunity to vote on HOW we wanted to vote. We were not given the opportunity to ask the candidates questions. The counting of votes was a mess.
B: I learned about the issues from other sources. I hope Dave voted according to the responses he received to his surveys.
C: I hope they influence our congress



In general, how do you think that Rep. David Lifferth represented the voters in House District 2 (Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain)?

*72% of respondents say that Rep. Lifferth is doing a "Good" or "Very Good" job representing Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain.

*Less than 2% (only two respondents) say that Lifferth has represented his district "poorly".

*For those that are familiar with a "Net Promoter Score", these results represent a +95.2% Net Promoter Score on a range of -100 to +100. This is a phenomenal positive score that would be desirable every organization that values their public perception and market value.


Some Other Responses:

M: How do I see how you voted?
S: I have not paid much attention lately
S: I would need to see a copy of your voting record to better answer this question.
B: i didn't follow up to see how he voted on things, so that's kind of my fault for not knowing
A: At this point I do not know how you voted on each issue.
R: Need to know how you did vote in the surveys
B: That is hard to say honestly, because my views may differ than other people in Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain. There were a lot of issues you voted on that didn't represent me and that I would not have supported, but others may have. So in general I don't know if you represented a majority which was different than what I wanted, or if you didn't represent anyone on them. Some of the bills you voted for I don't believe were good. But others in the area may have thought it was good, so this is a hard que
J: This is difficult for me to gauge because I profoundly disagree with you on most issues.
C: How do I find what actions he took?



In general, how do you think that Rep. David Lifferth represented you and your family?

*Similar to last question, almost 75 reported that Rep. Lifferth representation of their family has been "Good" or "Very Good".

*The same 2 respondents that said Lifferth represented Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain poorly also said that Lifferth represented them and their family Poorly.
Some Other Responses:
S: I'm sure he has our best interests at heart.
M: I need to see how you voted on each issue. I need to a link to that.
S: I would need to see a copy of your voting record to better answer this question.
A: Being a progressive living in an ultra conservative state with way too many ties to one religion is hard. Prison move is stupid and will cost at least double the 3stimate, not fully expanding medicare was a very large mistake not to mention very callous against the working poor of Utah. It is going to drive up costs to hospitals and medical providers as well as companies looking to locate here.
J: Again, our family values are different than yours and so while I appreciate how well you communicate with constituents I don't really feel that you represent me or my family's values


How would you rate Rep. David Lifferth's political positions?

*Almost half of respondents (including Other comments) say Rep. Lifferth is "Just about Right".
*"Too Conservative" of 10% compared to 3% that said "Not Conservative Enough"
*"Not Libertarian Enough" of 5% compared to 1% that said "Too Libertarian"
*5% said "Too Moderate or Centrist"


Some Other Responses:
C: We don't agree on everything, but I feel like overall I have been well represented
B: I interpret his perspective as being at the intersection of centrist, libertarian, and conservative.
M: I think you're conservative like me but I need to see how you voted. Your attempts to hear from constituents are excellent.
S: In general, I agree with you in most cases. I am never a one-size-fits-all type of guy and I occasionally might feel differently. But I totally trust and have confidence in, and appreciate your excellent service and am very comfortable with you representing me and our area. Thank you!
N: Dave, some of your positions make me a little uncomfortable, but in general, I think you do a wonderful job representing my family & community. Well Done!
B: same answer as previously, i didn't follow up and so i don't know how he voted on things. thats my fault.
B: Start researching and understanding the founders and their positions, and start leaning the way they did, and you will be spot on.
S: Judging on EM City Council actions
C: Without seeing is voting record, I don't know
D: I wasn't completely sure... LOL
M: Not a great question. Isn't "Too conservative" the same as "Not moderate enough"? Isn't "Too moderate" the same as "not conservative enough"? I wouldn't know what to do with the data from this question...



What would you recommend that Rep. Lifferth do to better represent his district?

*Almost one-third of respondents can't think of recommendations on how Rep. Lifferth can improve.

*Over one-third provide suggestions for improvement and are listed below. 

*Less than one-third say that "more" of emails, accessibility, social media, phone calls, meetings, or listening will improve Lifferth's representation of district.


Other Responses:
A: Perfect
R: You are doing an amazing job reaching out
H: Don't change a thing!!!!
S: I like what is being done already
D: You have done better than any in the past. Keep it up. You have my vote.
J: Just keep doing what you're doing!
M: You are doing just right
B: He's doing fine
T: Doing well
C: I think you are doing a great job
J: Your communication and involvement with constituents is stellar
S: You seem readily available
A: You have done an exemplary job working to get our attention. I think if more people could see you work on the hill they would know how hard your job is and have more insight into your tasks at hand. Maybe an EM Day on capital hill next year would be fun.C: I think you have a good communication strategy right now. No need to change.
M: Your activity on social media is appreciated.
J: What he is doing is good.
D: I get enough correspondence, I need to put more effort into doing my own research from that point.
R: Dave had the right balance of texting, emails, and personal contact. I do not participate in social media so I don't know the extent of his effort in that area. I was very happy with his effort. The only thing that would have helped me, and I could have found out if I had asked Dave is what he thought after hearing all the feed back he received from the surveys on various issues.
C: I love the emails, but wish I could see the issues in summary easily - Pro and brief why, Con and brief why, and his stand. Just one email with one issue.
D: I think you've done a good job. Thank you. Keep it up.
B: So far you are easy to get in touch with, and I do appreciate that a lot.
M: More links to issue summaries, reports on how you voted.
M: I need links that explain the substance of the issues at hand before I can answer the surveys. Sometimes you provided this, other times the links were obscure. But hey -- it's the first time I'm ever had someone who represents me even try to make the effort, so kudos.
R: Always, always lead by example, with integrity and honesty, fighting always for what is best regardless of how much resistance is encountered.
P: It would be nice to hear directly from him why he voted on the issues. I can go to go to the state legislature website and identify how he voted but there is not information there as to his rationale for voting the way he did.
R: Attend city council meetings for cities represented. Talk more to city officials to see greater impact of hill decisions
J: Strengthen your foundation on Constitutional principles. Remember, just because you can vote for something doesn't mean you should.
S: I'm assuming you are accessible for 1 on 1 meetings?
J: vote his conscious more often than his party line
J: Don't just follow the party leaders on key votes
S: I'm still trying to figure it out
A: More information on your position and why. I found your comments on Medicaid expansion to be slanted way to far right and in some cases were misrepresentation of the facts.
R: know how you voted and why
C: Know how he votes emailed to me
T: Sending us his voting record.
C: educate himself more on the true purpose of government.
J: I recommend getting a coach on republican party platform and how it applies to individual issues as well as how to communicate a position from these values and the constitution. This will place you more solidly on the ground to defend your choices and positions, but also show how they benefit our district and Utah
C: access to his voting record
G: Send out an email detailing what he voted for and why
N: I'd like to see you take a bigger role in developing our States education policies. Common-Core and our teachers Unions, which demonstrate a propensity/proclivity to Socialistic stylized education, is embarrassing and only serves to undermine our children's future capabilities. I'd also like to see legislation authorizing the State to organize a study of Utah's many 'Home Schooling' education providers. Home Schooling has become a dark hole where struggling and under-served children go learn on their own


Do you feel that Rep. Lifferth responded appropriately and timely to your emails, phone calls, text messages, etc?

*Over 70% say that Rep. Lifferth responds appropriately and timely to contacts and inquiries.

Other Responses:
J: Timely, yes.
S: It depends. You don't respond much on Twitter. You do much better with e-mail or through your website.
H: Although we disagreed on a few issues :)


What letter grade would you give to Rep. David Lifferth on his 2nd legislative session (2014)?


*Half of respondents grade Rep. Lifferth an 'A' or 'A+' grade

*Over 75% graded Rep. Lifferth an 'A' or 'B'.

*Less than 1% (only 1 person) gave Rep. Lifferth a 'D'

*Non of the respondents gave Rep. Lifferth a failing grade

*One respondent (a former County Delegate) graded Rep. Lifferth with an 'A+'

*Almost twice as many grade Lifferth an 'A' as a 'B'

*Four times as many grade Lifferth a 'B' as a 'C'

Grade percentages:

Other Responses:
D: A+
S: I would have to see a copy of your voting record to answer this question.
S: Not enough info yet
S: Not enough exposure for an A yet, but what I did see felt very good
A: I doubt we will ever be on the same page on political positions. Utah is way to nanny state but claims to be a freedom state.
B: There were a few bills which I wish you would have voted differently on. This would have given you a higher standing with me. Namely HB20, HB212, HB224, HB30, HB96, HB97, and SB148. I don't expect you to be perfect, but there is nothing more beautiful in life than a man trying to aspire to perfection, and there is nothing as perfect as true and absolute freedom. Supporting taxpayer welfare of any kind, takes from that freedom even in the smallest degree and is a burden to mankind and should not be forced
C: I like the surveys and emails, but would like to know how he votes
J: I don't feel comfortable grading you when our political and social philosophies are so opposite



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Thanks to all that participate in these surveys and the discussion about these important issues.


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