Nothing really surprising from the Survey Results from my 2015 Survey.

I had intended to ask the question about authorizing Governor to veto uses of Federal Education funds. However, I tried to re-order that survey question, but it was left out of the survey. The State Board of Ed failed to pass this motion on a 7-7 tie.

San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman withdrew his request for using Utah's Constitutional Defense Fund for his defense. Many people including Governor Herbert have pledged using their own personal dollars to help Commissioner Lyman defend his driving in Recapture Canyon.

Despite being among the most conservative district in the State and Nation and being predominantly LDS (Mormon), a massive majority supports allowing temporary events such as Oktoberfest to sell beer.

Nearly a 2/3rd majority support some sort of waiting period for scrap metal sales to deter drug addicts from stealing copper for a quick fix.

Do you support UDOT night time road, bridge construction?

Some Other Responses:

S: When construction is on a new project, like MVC where daytime construction wouldn\'t impede traffic, then daytime construction is appropriate. Where a project will impede traffic, like lane closures, construction/lane closures should at a minimum be kept out of commute times. UDOT gas done a great job with offsite bridge builds that are then put into place overnight.

L: I like that they are trying to reduce the rush hour traffic impact as much as possible. Care should be taken that construction quality is not adversely impacted by being too ambitious about working at night.

J: I appreciate the work done during non-peak traffic hours, but they could also do us favors by not stacking projects on each other. It would have been very helpful to have the Bangerter/Redwood project done before they messed up I15 at the Point, clogging up both major arteries between SL and UT counties. 

C: Yes, as long as it is not raising taxes

I: Only if there is no additional cost vs. daytime construction.

G: Depends on proximity to homes.

A: I think that there needs to be more that just a yes or no. It depends on proximity to residential neighborhoods and the impact that day work has on traffic. I think that the cities need to have the ability to grant temporary permits based on a set criteria. If the project meets the criteria then the cities should be required to issue the permit.

Do you support Snowbird's planned land swap to develop ski areas in A.F. & Utah County?

Some Other Responses:
R: So many people enjoy the beauty of this canyon! It would be giving it to the rich, there are plenty of areas for skiing already.
S: The Mountain Accord was done without input from Utah county leadership. We only were made aware in May. County Commissioners are trying to get up to doped and look at the effects on Utah County. But this spore as to be good only for SnowBird and perhaps Cedar Hills with extensive costs in infrastructure and buildup in an already highly used canyon to Utah County residents. In addition the AFCV needs time to investigate all the ramifications of the trade. AF Canyon is narrow and has little room for road impr
L: I would like to see ski resort expansion. I don't like that they have not had more discussion with utah county residents.
B: I don't know enough about it.
A: I haven't read enough to make an informed decision either way on this one.

Should rescued people pay for their rescue?

Some Other Responses:
R: I think people who make foolish decisions should bear the consequences. However, some are purely accidental so how do you decide which it is?
M: They should pay a portion of the costs depending on their culpability and ability to pay.
B: In most cases when they have "put" themselves in risky situations, YES!
S: Only if they are participating in high risk activities.
S: More people will attempt to "tough out" life-threatening situations if they had to pay for the entire cost. People should also be able to purchase insurance to help mitigate their portion of the costs.
M: In the case of a true emergency no, when someone does something stupid, yes.
B: Only a portion and when it could be avoided. IE well prepared and was an accident leading to rescue.
A: I look at this, there but for the grace of god go I. Now for people who enter back country where warnings have been issued and not having proper locator units then yes. People using established rec trails and parks, then no.
B: Only when people have put themselves at unnecessary risks should they have to pay for it... Rock climbing, skiing etc...
D: A qualified yes - I think people who need rescuing because of their own stupidity, lack of planning, etc., should pay the costs, or at least a portion of the costs, of their rescue. I think those who are true victims of accident or acts of God should not.
M: I don't think most people could afford it. Maybe a portion of it if they are breaking rules.
A: I say yes to certain instances. If the person is intentionally going around safety closures/barricades and other similar instances then yes. If it is due to weather or a true accident that they had no control over then no.

Do you support using taxes to defend County Commish Phil Lyman?

Some Other Responses:
R: He is responsible for his choices! We do need to protect the states rights, but use the money to go the correct legal route.
S: Would it be done for a non official?
S: Taxpayer money should not be used to fund the inappropriate actions of lawbreakers. If he wants to thumb his nose at federal laws, he can pay for it himself.
J: Such disregard of our a special area in Utah? I agree with the verdict. They can ride their ATV in plenty of places. Use your legs to enjoy the canyon.
L: This is definitely a case of federal usurpation on state responsibilities
J: No. Slipper slope and double standard. You do it for Phil, you better just open up the coffers for DeChristopher and the Capitol 13 as well. Not MY tax monies in defense of this guy. No way.
C: No, save the money and use on a more important issue.
D: I am unaware of this issue.
A: He did the crime as well as encouraged others, just as any protestor he understood the risk and should pay the fine
D: He knew what he was doing and should be solely responsible for the consequences.
J: NO! He has been convicted, he knew he wad breaking the law. Do this and you need to pay legal fees for those defending our health by standing against fracking and every other convict' s legal fees.
A: I agree 100% with what he did. I think that we as a state need to have the final say it what our lands are used for. If there is an existing road then there is no harm done and it should be made available to all to use not just certain groups. I do have an issue with tax funds, of any kind, being used to cover legal expenses. The reason I have issue with it is that those same funds wouldn't be available to me so why should he have access to them?

Should beer sales be allowed at temporary events such as Oktoberfest?

Some Other Responses:
R: I guess in other states that would be the norm, but we have so many children I like to keep a family-friendly environment for events as much as possible.
S: If the vendor has gone through the proper Heath department permits for temporary food sales, then they should be treated as any other food vendor. Events planners can decide which vendors they want to invite to their events.
S: In fact, Utah needs some serious changes to their liquor laws. The laws here are absolutely maddening.
J: I hear the republicans cry about the Nanny state all the time while at the same time upholding nanny state approaches to liquor control. Another double standard.
A: I don't support alcohol but it is a choice of others and it gives our state a bad image in the tourism industry with our restrictive actions. They do need to be monitored to make sure they aren't serving to underage drinkers.

Should there be a waiting period for payment of scrap metals to deter thefts by drug addicts?

Some Other Responses:
R: It's worth a try, copper thefts are out of hand! Is there a way, during that 30 days, to double check sales against missing items?
S: Absolutely, thefts from light poles, air conditioner units, etc cost all of us millions, in addition to causing safety issues.
S: Ummmmm. Are all scrap metal thefts committed by drug addicts? A drug addict will just steal other things or rob banks or whatever if they are that desperate for their next fix.
J: Shorter period like 2 days and record ID maybe for cases involving stolen goods, similar to pawn shop.
J: A waiting period for scrap metal payment but not for gun purchases? Isn't the logic behind both a bit the same?
B: The theft problem should not inconvenience other people. Find a way to deter the thefts.
D: Regulate the same way pawn shops are monitored.
G: Must mail a check.
A: It sounds like it may be a good idea but I don't think it will solve the problem. I\'m sure they will just increase their thefts so that they are collecting on a previous drop off when they are making their new drop.
J: Is there evidence that this would help?

Should the legal smoking age be raised to 21?

Some Other Responses:
S: Really? If they're an adult, they're an adult. Don't put arbitrary extra restrictions on things just because the majority of the population doesn't agree with it.
S: If someone is old enough to vote or die in war then they are old enough to smoke. This is just another example of tying up the judicial system with nonsensical laws. What happened to prison/judicial reform?
J: I tend to favor this idea but hate some of the ideological reasoning behind it.
A: You can't keep saying you are an adult at 18, but then say you can't do this or that but you can sign up for the military. If you think a person is not capable of deciding about smoking or drinking the the adult age should be raised to 21 for all including criminal.
B: at 18 people should decide.
D: If people are stupid enough to smoke, let them. It's not the government's job to save us from ourselves.
J: Absolutely!!!

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