SB82: Should law enforcement wear proper identification and body cams when doing forcible entry?

Some Other Responses:
S: Yes. However, the body cam technology is notoriously unreliable at this time. There was a provision I this bill that put huge liability on the officer if the cam malfunctioned. I am glad to see that removed.
K: At least proper ID
J: And get rid of "no-knock".
A: Only fully uniformed officers should do the entry.
B: If they have the right to ID me, I should have the same right to ID them
J: My knee jerk reaction is to make that a requirement. I hesitate just a little because I'm not sure what the unintended consequences might be. PO's are public servants and should be held to a higher standard, but once we make the requirement how far does it go? Are my interactions with tellers at the DMV recorded? What about schools, should teachers be required to have camera's. You can say I'm setting up strawmen (and I am), but I know silly things like that get put into law all the time because we

HB137: Should the age of mandatory retirement for Judges be raised from 75 to 80 years old?

Some Other Responses:
R: Depends on their health and mental state.
C: live in the county that they judge in.
A: 75 is old enough as we need new minds in office
J: Why is this an issue? Are we trying to change the law in favor of one judge? Or is this a serious issue? Seems like a reasonable restriction to me.

Do you support a law allowing Medical Marijuana usage in Utah?

Some Other Responses:
B: I've heard stories of how easy it is to obtain and that doctors will prescribe it to anyone who wants it, seems to be abused.
N: I support full repeal of any laws that criminalize the possession or use of marijuana. The laws are way behind the science which show marijuana to be less impactful than alcohol yet is one of the reasons we have 25% of the world's prison population and only 5% of the world\'s population.
C: It would depend on the bill language
J: Non smoking applications.. The plant has uses that are good, allow for those.
C: only in home use
A: Marijuana should not have been illegal in the first place. False data was used when this began by J. Edgar Hoover during the red scare
B: People should have the right to put whatever they choose in their body. No matter what it is, as long as they are not putting others at risk.
J: I'm not convinced either way. Seems like there are some legitimate uses for marijuana. Seems like it is also just a way for people to legally use pot. At the same time, should government be in this game at all?
D: With a prescription from a licensed physician, and regulated as any prescription medication currently is.

HB300: Should concealed carry laws only applies to firearms?

Some Other Responses:
B: Mace is not a "dangerous weapon" however there are some things in the picture you wouldn't want criminals concealing from police.
C: Should be a free carry state.
N: Concealed carry laws are ridiculous. Why should the law abiding be required to display their means of self defense openly without a permission slip?
C: I would need to understand what the law is referring to and what the ramifications are.
J: Trying to make sure I understand the effects of the law. Does it mean I don't have to worry about a knife or pepper spray if I don't have a license? If so, fine. but I just can't say for certain given what I can see in the legislative text.
C: I can see other concealed weapons
B: However, I think there should not be conceal carry laws.
J: NO! No! No! This seems like a huge over reach to me. What is the definition of a weapon? I have several items in my pockets now that could be easily classified as weapons. So then it all comes down to the police man. Are they going to give the benefit of the doubt, or is my pocket knife a deadly weapon? This part of the change really scares me: 198a Ĥ→ Section 4. Section 76-10-507 is amended to read: 198b 76-10-507. Possession of deadly weapon with criminal intent. 198c

Do you support a Right to Die that allows a critically ill patient to have a doctor assisted suicide?

Some Other Responses:
C: I guess when sick anyone can say I wish I was dead
J: I am personally very against this. I can see and understand the case for it. It seems like a huge mess for the government to get into the business of assisted suicide.
D: I believe suicide is wrong in any form, but I will not deny a person the right to choose that if they want, and neither should the government.

HB271: Should all fuels (CNG, LNG, Propane, Hydrogen, Gas, Diesel) be taxed equally?

Some Other Responses:
B: A small break might be in order to encourage clean fuels, however it shouldn't be a huge difference!
S: The fuel tax is supposed to be a user fee. - Use the roads? Help pay for their maintenance. Too bad the electric vehicles were removed.
O: Alternative fueled vehicles cost more to purchase than gas vehicles. there needs to be strong incentive for driving clean fuel vehicles, otherwise people will not drive them. Our clean air is worth spending major dollars on. This tax would be a step in the wrong direction.
C: Yes, with no taxes.
R: Need to know the current tax on the different gases.
C: Not sure the impact. I would need to know more about how they are currently taxed and why. In theory, it seems fair that they be taxed evenly, but there is too much I don't know.
C: we are using the same roads
A: If used as a motor fuel. Hydrogen should have half tax as it reduces emissions.
B: That's hard to say, some taxes could cripple future development of that fuel type by taxing it too much.
J: I am generally against raising taxes. I am tentatively on board with this. However I can see a down side. If for example, it is determined (scientifically) that one type of fuel is better than others, shouldn't we have the ability to incentivize the use of that fuel? The best way to do that is to reduce it's tax footprint.
A: yes, they should all be taxed at 0%.

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