SB45: Should Crossbows be allowed during Archery hunts?

Some Other Responses:
S: I believe that just like muzzle loader and rifle are different hunts, crossbows offer some advantages that put it into another shooting category.
P: Archery season is meant for a particular skill. Granted, today's bows are a far cry from what they had been years ago, but they are still bows. I've shot rifles, crossbows, and standard bows. To me it seems as if a crossbow is more rifle than bow. It is a tough decision. I would lean towards disallowing them during archery hunts.
J: I am not sure legislators should spend time on this issue.
G: put them with guns
D: It may require additional rules around the type of crossbow. Crossbow arrows go further than usual bow/arrows. There may be a need to 'license' crossbow hunting separately from the regular archery hunts.
H: A specialized cross bow hunt.
L: Or they should have their own short season

HB203: Should teachers in STEM subjects be paid $4,500 incentives to help recruit more teachers to these subjects?

Some Other Responses:
S: How does paying current teachers more actually help with recruitment? A recruitment bonus could be given for someone who actually brings a new teacher in the stem subjects into the system. And Special Ed isn\'t a stem subject. It should be added in this bill. In addition the automatic increase each year is too large and shouldn't be automatic.
P: Seems to me that just increasing their wages by $4,500 (and letting that be known) would attract more teachers. Raise the wages... don't offer bribes.
R: Depends on where the funds come from
S: I'm having a hard time recruiting good teachers in non-STEM subjects.
T: Abolish govt schools and stop steeling our money
G: Teachers of all subjects that get positive feedback from parents and students should be given incentives.
D: These teachers demand not only more MA/PhD college degrees, but serious industry certifications and technical on hands experience for each at least the "T" and "E" of STEM. The issue is that qualifications for STEM teachers requires constant change in knowledge of the "T" and "E" due to newer technologies and processes. My 40+ years in the technical and engineering industry shows that the usual upper education institutions cannot adapt quickly enough. K-12 has even more difficulty keeping up
B: The legislature should receive and allocate money. After that, districts should decide how to spend the money. Sorry, there is too much centralization of decision-making at the state level already. Don't increase the centralization and confusion by continuing down the "pet projects" path of ear-marking money.
G: Would they all get it, or just under certain circumstances like the current one? - it that is the case then no.
M: As I see it, this bill adds more money for Computer Science teachers. $4,500 is not enough to recruit a good Computer Science teacher when they can make so much more elsewhere. How about taking that money and taking existing teachers who are willing to get endorsed in Computer Science and take the coursework and using those funds to get them the certifications and classwork they need. Then, you have the bonus of having someone who already can teach, who now also is qualified to teach.

SB29: Should School Districts be subject to some city planning and zoning regulations?

Some Other Responses:
S: Our Riverview Elementary was begun before the property was properly subdivided and before the developer had completed his previous obligations. In addition it was put in an area that was not appropriate for transportation purposes. Another of our elementaries (I believe Sage Hills) was constructed on the wrong lot.
S: I don't know where this district is.
S: What is the problem this bill is addressing?
T: Abolish corrupt socialist gov schools
E: This could have deterred the ridiculous bus barn that was built in the middle of a residential area of Saratoga Springs.
D: There needs to be communication between LEAs and city planning and zoning. I have mixed opinions on the level that a LEA is subject to city planning and zoning regulations.
M: That's an open ended question ... I'm not sure what the issue is, I guess.

HB164: Should Grandparents still have visitation rights even if parent's (the grandparent's son or daughter) rights have been revoked?

Some Other Responses:
S: As long as there are no issues with the grandparents. Probably needs to be case by case.
P: That, I think, should be decided on a case-by-case examination of the situation.
J: Each individual situation should be taken into consideration. This is not a black and white issue.
T: As the parent of two adopted children, I believe this should be decided by the parents and not a court.
R: Should be handled case by case.
C: I think the door should be open for the possibility, but should be decided on a case by case basis based on what is best for the child and the circumstances round the specific situation.
T: Na
E: Absolutely not!
R: Depending on the circumstances.
B: Only the legal guardian(s) should have full decision-making authority in their kids' lives.
D: In fact, if the grandparents are stable and capable, they should automatically receive guardianship, rather than forcing the children into state care.
B: They should be considered, but they should be reviewed and scrutinized. Apple falling from the tree....
L: with stipulations
M: This bill could go both ways and clear the way for grandparents to be a good influence and support, but it could also add trauma by forcing a kid to visit people that he may or may not have a good relationship with.

SJR7: Who should manage feral horse and burro populations in Utah, Federal Government or Utah?

Some Other Responses:
S: Local control is always better.
S: Since they are on both state and federal land, it should be both.
J: Utah AND county/localities. The more local the better.
B: Utah state should manage all things Utah. To continue down this conversation path, keep on the path of getting the federal government out of Utah land decisions. It is absurd to go into the Uintahs to camp and have to hear federal employees there say, "Back when you were in Utah..." many times to make the point that we were on federal land.
B: There are federal laws regarding this, it seems odd that Utah would administer that.
M: depends on whose land they are on

The passing of which bill has been your biggest disappointment of the 2015 Legislative session so far?

Some Other Responses:
L: There have only been 53 bills passed so far so it is too early to say.
B: Projected gas tax increase passing the senate. Implementation is not the result of fairness or planning, but of ease. Hike in tax necessary due to inflation and increased efficiency vehicles, and then tax gas more? Taxing only gas amounts to social engineering: push towards more efficient vehicles and penalize larger engines - because of efficient vehicles? Best option is to check mileage and add surcharge to high-efficiency vehicles at registration. Better yet is to trim budget and avoid tax hike.
N: HB86 grants police the authority to seize property without due process of law. This is a gross violation of property and civil rights.
D: I have not been disappointed with any thus far. I do urge you to rid ourselves of the so called "Zion Curtain". This practice makes look silly to the outside tourist that suggest that as parents we can teach our children good principles so that they in turn can become responsible! Please support the ridding ourselves of this legislative yoke!
T: Gas tax increase
S: The bill that allows charter schools to raise property taxes via. forcing school districts to funnel money to them is a huge disappointment. It is taxation without representation.
T: Constitutional carry
L: HB18
E: Gas tax increase (although I'm not sure it has completely passed yet, but did pass committees).
J: Firing squad. Barbaric and given the time it takes for a death row inmate to actually see their day of death, I can't fathom that the death penalty has any real value in deterring crime.
D: pulling $$ from education at the same time asking for more $$ for education.
M: Not passing bill in support of no time change.
R: Not passing more funding for teachers.
A: State gun
B: No answer, because I haven't listened/heard enough to know what/if anything is a disappointment. I hope the bill passes that allows people to work in a field they are experienced in. I think the bill is called HB77.
 J: It hasn't passed yet but I believe it will, hb0322 is an embarrassment to our state and nation.
J: Any gas tax increase against the will of the people will be a major disappointment
D: Cutting education spending.
S: gas tax

The passing of which bill has been the best accomplishment of the 2015 Legislative session so far?

Some Other Responses:
J: hb11
S: The one where you kill the prison move through lack of funding. (Wishful thinking right?)
L: SB0016
S: Firing squad reinstituted. It's over quick with no dragging out of pain as drugs often cause.
N: The passage of SB52 would be a great step forward in ensuring transparency and accountability for when the state decides to steal property without due process.
S: The state dog was the best thing the legislature did since it doesn't really hurt anybody.
D: Firing squad
A: State gun
B: Again, I haven't been paying close enough attention. The gas tax is a tough one. Good luck in finding a good way to resole the question on how to pay for road maintenance.
J: The exempting nursing mothers bill. I served jury duty with a nursing mother. No lunch break and dismissed after 2pm. She was miserable and it was one more unfair thing in Utah.
J: Seize federal lands!
S: gas tax

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