Response to Holly Richardson's blog about Women in Politics

I posted this as a response to Holly Richardson's blog about Women in politics:

I am happy to report that women are empowered and very well represented in my house district #2.

In fact, I am probably the token male in our district.

I represent Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain which have two of the highest profile female mayors in the state in Mayor Mia Love and Mayor Heather Jackson. My entire Republican Party Legislative Leadership is female and are superstars on their own: Leg. Dist Chair Donna Burnham (who is also a city councilwoman in Eagle Mountain), Leg. Dist. Vice Chair Nancy Jex, and Leg. Dist Secretary Heather Williamson (served as Sen. Mike Lee's north Utah County Campaign Chair. Half of my Legislative District Precinct Chairs are female. Females are well represented on both city councils in Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain.

Add to that list that our Alpine School Board representative is Paula Hill.

And to top this off, my district has the most stay-at-home-moms in the state which are a very active and powerful force for good.

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Comment by Charlotte Ducos on January 15, 2013 at 11:53pm

I have not read Holly's blog, but I like your response. I would like to add, just guessing at the content of her blog, that there are many of us women who are just as involved as we want to be.

I see it all the time where it is lamented that women are under represented in politics, in the workforce, etc. I think these statistics fail to take into account those who do not wish to hold positions other than the ones they hold. I am extremely politically active comparable to many in my surrounding area--both men and women. I am also less politically active than others. This is by choice. I contribute to statistics that show women under represented in the workforce--but I am not even interested in being employed.   I am where I choose to be, and when I am lumped into a group that becomes a protected class because I supposedly am being shorted in some way, I often wonder if anyone thought to ask these women if they feel shorted?  Sure there are plenty looking to climb a corporate ladder or break into politics, but not nearly all of us. I wonder how the numbers would change if we did our statistics using the numbers of women actually interested in seeking employment or position in politics.

Women's voices and influence are vital. Of that there is no doubt, but make no mistake, we can make those voices heard in our own way.

I do not need to be equal in all ways to a man, that would diminish the ways in which I excel.

Where there are clear roadblocks to women attaining their goals, we should do all we can to clear them, but I think that at times we imagine these roadblocks, assuming that the absence of equal percentages of women somehow means there has been exclusion.

I do not feel excluded. I am right where I want to be, and I don't think I am alone.


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