Dear Rep Lifferth,

My name is Derek Larson and I have some real concerns about the direction or country is heading, specifically in regards to the second amendment. One would think that the Constitution and Bill of Rights would be sufficient to protect these inalienable rights but it appears that may not be the case. That being said, I would like to implore you to act to protect our rights under the Second Amendment. I would like to see a bill introduced much like what Wyoming has done with House Bill HB0104. Please find the contents of this bill posted below.

Firearm Protection Act.
Sponsored by: Representative(s) Kroeker, Baker, Burkhart,
Jaggi, Miller, Piiparinen, Reeder and
Winters and Senator(s) Dockstader and Hicks
1 AN ACT relating to firearms; providing that any federal law
2 which attempts to ban a semi-automatic firearm or to limit
3 the size of a magazine of a firearm or other limitation on
4 firearms in this state shall be unenforceable in Wyoming;
5 providing a penalty; and providing for an effective date.
7 Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Wyoming:
9 Section 1. W.S. 6-8-405 is amended to read:
11 6-8-405. Offenses and penalties; defense of Wyoming
12 citizens.
14 (a) No public servant as defined in W.S. 6-5-101, or
15 dealer selling any firearm in this state shall enforce or
16 attempt to enforce any act, law, statute, rule or
2 HB0104
1 regulation of the United States government relating to a
2 personal firearm, firearm accessory or ammunition that is
3 owned or manufactured commercially or privately in Wyoming
4 and that remains exclusively within the borders of Wyoming.
6 (b) Any official, agent or employee of the United
7 States government who enforces or attempts to enforce any
8 act, order, law, statute, rule or regulation of the United
9 States government upon a personal firearm, a firearm
10 accessory or ammunition that is owned or manufactured
11 commercially or privately in Wyoming and that remains
12 exclusively within the borders of Wyoming shall be guilty
13 of a misdemeanor felony and, upon conviction, shall be
14 subject to imprisonment for not more less than one (1) year
15 and one (1) day or more than five (5) years, a fine of not
16 more than two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) five thousand
17 dollars ($5,000.00), or both.
19 (c) The attorney general may defend a citizen of
20 Wyoming who is prosecuted by the United States government
21 for violation of a federal law relating to the manufacture,
22 sale, transfer or possession of a firearm, a firearm
23 accessory or ammunition owned or manufactured and retained
24 exclusively within the borders of Wyoming.
3 HB0104
2 (d) Any federal law, rule, regulation or order
3 created or effective on or after January 1, 2013 shall be
4 unenforceable within the borders of Wyoming if the law,
5 rule, regulation or order attempts to:
7 (i) Ban or restrict ownership of a semi8
automatic firearm or any magazine of a firearm; or
10 (ii) Require any firearm, magazine or other
11 firearm accessory to be registered in any manner.
13 Section 2. This act is effective immediately upon
14 completion of all acts necessary for a bill to become law
15 as provided by Article 4, Section 8 of the Wyoming
16 Constitution.
18 (END)

This bill actually has some teeth to it as it attaches real penalties for those who would violate it. Please use whatever influence you have in your position to ensure that our Constitutional rights are protected at the State level.

Thank you for your time and support in this matter.


Derek Larson

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