Possible World Record in a Chevy Volt:82.2 miles of battery only range

82.2 miles of range on a single charge (and no gasoline) in my 2014 Chevy Volt. My Volt is still fairly new with just over 6,000 miles on the odometer.


I will write more about my attempt at the world record, but for now I would like to submit these 2 photos and ask my peers to score my attempt. The battery system disengaged and gas engine came on at the 81.0 mile point but since I still had kinetic energy I was able to coast for another 1.2 miles down a lonely country road. The indicator showed that I actually consumed 0.01 gallons of gas at the 82.3 mile mark.


So I at least made it to the 80 mile club. I was able to get to 81.0 miles on a single charge. I was able to coast to 82.2  before any measurable gasoline was used.


I have never seen 10.6 kW used by my Volt before, as every time that my battery has died it has been at the 10.4 kW mark. I have seen other photos with other user's show 10.6 kW, but I didn't know how other drivers did that.


I averaged 7.6 or 7.75 miles per kW. and it took between 1.3 and 1.4 kW to travel 10 miles.


Some of the strategies that I used to get to 82.2 miles of range on a single charge:

1) Hypermile techniques of Pulse and Glide and kinetic energy management

2) Real world 8 mile road course of residential, rural, and 4 lane highway (2 in each direction) roads. Speed limits ranging from 25 to 50 miles per hour. 5 right hand turns. 1 stop light that stopped me each time I went through it. I was stopped over 20 times during the 4 hour trip.

3) Grill Blocks (taped radiator grill mostly closed with masking tape)

4) Tire pressure at 50+ pounds of pressure. I had planned for 60 PSI, but my compressor went out the day before.

5) Weight reduction:Removed everything from the Volt that wasn't bolted

on. Burned all gasoline down the "low fuel" warning indicator.

6) Rarely accelerating at faster that 10 kW

7) High altitude (4,500'), low humidity, ambient temperatures between 63 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and calm winds created ideal conditions.

7) Only using breaks when avoiding a Toyota Prius in a roundabout

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