Personal observations of the Mud Slide in Saratoga Springs Sept 1-3, 2012

I took a number of photos while touring and working a shift in Saratoga Springs. I spent my shift in the positions of the 2 guys in the middle of this photo. As the last part of the 'mud elevator' that lifted hundreds of 5 gallon buckets of mud, debris, hail, and sheet rock from the 'Hoffman house.' You can see where the original mud/water line is against the back of the house. I was told that this basement was filled from floor to ceiling. We also pulled a tree out of the basement that had been pushed into window well, through the window and against the far wall of the basement. I got this task after Eric Ducos of North Ranch got me to help him move the tree.

I was impressed with the guys that worked as the middle of the 'mud elevator'. Many of them were football players for Westlake High School.  We tried to rotate these guys around because it was a very strenuous job.

It was also very cold in the basement because there were a lot of hail stones the size of quarters in the basement.

This is the scene in front of the 'Hoffman house' with Bobcats and Front End loaders moving mud from the bucket brigades to dump trucks to cart it away. This dump truck is an Eagle Mountain snowplow/dump truck, probably the one that my son drove when he worked for Eagle Mountain. Notice the sand bags that lined all of the streets in the affected area.

This is the bucket brigade on the south side of the 'Hoffman house'.  There was an identical one on the north side, which I worked on. I think that there were about 300+ people working around this and other affected houses at any given time.

One of the best thing about a community service project like this is all of the friends that you get to visit with. I saw many of the Eagle Mountain Public Works crew, Coach Jason Walker, former ward members, lots of Republican delegates, parents of my son's soccer teams, fellow scouters, and of course Mayor Mia Love and Saratoga city councilors and staff. I love it when a community comes together to face challenges.

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Comment by David Lifferth on September 3, 2012 at 7:34pm

I'm not sure of the story of this minivan, but it was mud covered and along the road next to the Saratoga Springs Public Works Building.

Comment by David Lifferth on September 3, 2012 at 7:35pm

This is the lower debris field.


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