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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the public discuss of Healthy Utah has been factually inaccurate. The wall-to-wall radio advertisements have been particularly deceptive. The news media has been “all in” on Healthy Utah and make it sound that everyone loves Healthy Utah except Speaker Greg Hughes and Majority Leader Jim Dunnigan. Here is a link to a blog I posted on this subject:

However, the reality is that Governor Herbert’s Healthy Utah IS ObamaCare.  ObamaCare passed the U.S. House and Senate along partisan party lines with Only Democrats supporting the massive government take over of health care. All kinds of political shenanigans such as the “Louisiana Purchase” and the “Cornhusker Kickback” among other corrupt methods were used to pass ObamaCare. It has never be a popular program and its support is in the thirties and support for ObamaCare is described as in “free fall” by Gallup:  As a result of the partisan party line vote used to pass this massive government takeover of Health Care, over half of the Democrats in the U.S. House and Senate that voted for it have been voted out of office and Republicans have gained majorities in both houses.

Healthy Utah is an ObamaCare compliant health care program. Governor Herbert negotiated for years with the Obama Administration to try and get flexibility to do a program that was palatable to Utahans. However, as the federal govern does it heavily handedly denied Governor Herbert the flexibility that he requested. If several of the requests that Governor Herbert made had been approved by the Obama Administration, then Healthy Utah may have become a true Utah health care system. However, almost every request Governor Herbert made were denied by the Obama Administration. So Healthy Utah is virtually identical to every other state that has adopted an ObamaCare compliant big government health care program. Only about half of the states have adopted ObamaCare compliant programs. Additionally, ObamaCare costs are unknown and uncapped and despite the name has not made Health Care more affordable.


One of the most egregious claims in the non-stop commercials is that Utah is being taxed $800 million by ObamaCare and not getting that money back because we don’t have an ObamaCare approved state plan. The reality is that Utah is already getting about $600 million back from the feds.

The sad reality for Governor Herbert is that his Healthy Utah plan has very little support in the State House. It does say something about Healthy Utah that every Democrat in the House and Senate of the State Legislature supports it. So with the 12 Democrats (who are “all in” on ObamaCare in the first place) and only a handful of liberal Republicans supporting it, the support for Healthy Utah falls way short of the 38 votes needed to pass it.  If sent to a committee, it would die a quick death.

I think there is middle ground that the legislature could support, but the Obama Administration has denied Governor Herbert those options.

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