My ungiven Soap Box Rant on Greg Graves

I was not able to give this soap box rant tonight at the Utah County GOP Central Committe Meeting because a majority of those in attendance voted to remove the discussion and potential vote of "No Confidence" in County Commissioner GOP Party Nominee.  I probably could not have spoken fast enough to fit this into the 2 minutes that would have been allocated to the discussion.

Greg Graves issue

We need to protect our Party from people who don’t share our values, but want to use our Party for their own personal gain.  

This will not be easy and we are put in the awkward position of admitting that we have been scammed.

As a member of the state central cmt, I am working on a resolution to the State Party bylaws that will require each county to do a background check on each person that wants to be put on the ballot at the convention, primary, or general election with the endorsement of the Republican Party. This will be the same for the state party for statewide office seekers. Anything that would be of relevance to delegates and voters will be published on the county’s and state’s web sites for the delegates and voters to use as a reference when making their deliberations. I have named this proposed bylaw change after Greg Graves

This is sad that we have to take this step, but criminals like John Swallow and now Greg Graves have gamed the rules and have embarrassed our Party.

It is my understanding that because of the criminal and financial record that Mr. Graves would not even be considered if he applied to be a county employee, and now because of his charade he is now in charge of the entire county.

I submit to you that if the background information about Mr. Graves’ criminal record and his many bankruptcies had been known by the delegates that he would not have received very many if any votes at convention. He would have come in last place instead of being our party nominee.

I call on each of you as Utah county central committee members to remove Mr. Graves from the Republican ballot He should be designate him as the Democratic Party candidate where his personal behavior and deception is in perfect alignment with the values of the party of Obama. The Democratic party covers up the crimes and deceptions of their party members, we as Republicans show these criminals the exit.

You may think that I am harsh and I will agree. However, after living in Eagle Mountain with a number of criminals that were attempting to use the city as their own private piggy bank I can not stand by and let Mr. Graves benefit from another crime or deception. In Eagle Mountain it took the strong actions of Senator Mark Madsen, myself, and others that took a stand for our city and having no tolerance for criminal behavior.  Prior to our actions to oppose criminal and deceptive behavior there were 2 convicted felons that had served on the city council at a time when that was not legal in Utah. Neither of them disclosed that relevant information prior to their service. There a dozen other people that committed serious and bizarre crimes that needed to be shown the exit. Eagle Mountain used to be in the news on a daily basis for all of the wrong reasons, but in the 10 years since I and other people of integrity have taken decisive action to clean up our city, we have become a quite and peaceful place to live.

There are criminals among us and we must take decisive action to protect ourselves and our good names from them.  It was not easy to authorize an investigation of fellow Republican John Swallow. But it was the right thing to do. I implore that each of you honest Republicans with integrity join with me to do the right thing find a legal way to replace Mr. Graves with someone that like us, will do the right things in office. Do the right thing, not the easy thing.

Thank you.

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