My notes from July 17, 2013, special session

July 17, 2013

Conservative Caucus

Conservative Caucus discussing  Rep. Mike Noell’s proposed repeal of his bill HB155

National Shooting Sports Foundation; Hunting Foundations; Hunting Works for Utah: Launching in Utah today

Conservative Caucus: Rep. Gibson:“The sage grouse is not as sexy as the wolf”; Rep. Lifferth:”Speak for yourself”


Education Interim Committee

Debra Roberts: purposes, mission statement, foundation for success; state goals; we have more children per capita than any other state

Dr. Martell Menlove: have someone track graduation progress at school district level, at community council level?

Rep.McCay to SuperMenlove after heated exchange: You know I love you,right? #uted #utpol

Sen.Madsen:We need to make including parents in decisions and priorities part of our strategies.


Rep. Eliason: 21 states tie graduation to drivers license, should Utah do the same?

Dave Thomas

Barbara Corey


Jennifer Jacobson: contributed to high student achievement: high quality teachers; students need an opportunity to shine. Set high standards for teachers and students; critical thinking and problem solving; Involvement by all stakeholders; local control and catering to demographics; challenges: know what the dreams, strengths and weaknesses of students are; need more hours in the day; need time for professional development; there are very few parents that don’t care about their childrens’ eduaiton, there are many who don’t know how to access and navigate the system; Lege should continue to involve teachers in the decision making process; adequately fund programs;

Kim Knettles: highly effective teachers, teaching rigorous standards; support from all stakeholders; called common core rigorous; students need to time to learn the materials; give students a chance to settle in with the curriculum before it is changed. Likes extended school day and extended school year;

Katie Hipple: 97% on free or reduced lunch; before grant it was a failing school with 37% being proficient in math ; grant helped in 3 ways: 1) meaningful learning ops ; connect the math to their lives; 2) using data effectively; drive collaboration; determine student placement; hold teachers accountable;  3) have fun learning; warrior club students are motivate to get good grades. Constantly check their grades;  Challenges: low reading comprehension; must learn 7th grade math concepts with a 4th grade reading level;

Sarah Hacken: Alpine SD in Orem; addreses Sen. Madsen’s concern about parental involvement. Shares story of student who didn’t have library card because his mom got kicked out of library for not returning books. Class Size: based on how many teachers are actually teaching; a program that is working; trackers are not administration: at Lakeridge that have 15 minutes of flextime 4 days a week; students know what their grade is 4 times a week in every class; if they have an F or I they have to go to intervention;

Kim Bayless: class size is important; 35 students in 1st grade is to much; 20 is appropriate; otherwise you are managing and not teaching; changing curriculm over and over doesn’t allow them to succed; 5 hours a day this summer to get ready to teach common core;

Dan Rozanas: 1) we never teach kids how to learn;its not in our culture; we learn it accidentally or trial and error; imagine if your students didn’t know how to digest; systematic k12 way to learn how the brain works 2) time; we have to cut stuff so that they get only the essentials 3) preventative or treatment 4) thanks for dialog, please continue

Mary Ward: you have to know the kid; class size should be 25 for high school; 2) standardize testing; I teach according to data; lost 15 days to standardized testing; impossible to have continuity with all of the testing; 3) time: we don’t have enough time to do our jobs; there is too much workload so there is not enough time to teach

Jenni Graviet: teaching time is important; teacher quality is important; parents are not keeping the best kids at home, they are sending all that they have be educated; in Finland we are choosing teachers from the top 30% of the population, in US we are choosing from the bottom 60%;  Which people are we not attracting to the teaching profesion;

Brandy Valdez: key component to success is high quality teachers; challenges: time; 45 hours aweek is not enough; only getting 5 hours a of sleep a night; nee dmore time to collaborate;

Tim Jones: American Prep Academy in Draper; you need teachers that love their kids; high expectations can you teach math with out pencils, yes but you can’t teach without high expectations; they can develop a love of learning;  teacher has to be smart; good content knowledge; biggest challenge is consistency of students coming to class;

Comment that I prepared but did not speak:

I represent part of the Alpine school district, which is the largest in the state. Howver, we only have a single teacher from Alpine. I would expect this committee to have a more representative sample with more diversity of background and location. We need to hear from at least 1 rural teacher and at least 1 Charter school;



House GOP Caucus

Discusson of when to hold caucus night by State Chair James Evans;

Discussion of today’s propose bills;

Committee chairs have the authority to issue subpoenas

Discussion of immunity

Practicing law without a license amendment

Private investigator act amendments

HB155 discussion


Rep.Noel: I’d like to go to war with a sword and tools that will win instead of with my hands tied behind my back

Deep Creek settlement for $2.995M

Settlement will come out of the Rainy Day fund

HB118 Defibrillator ; matching fund to stay in local communities

Speaker talks about process; senate just started talking about our bills


Special Legislative Session

My opposition to HB1001:

While I am in favor of HB1001, I speak in opposition to secions 4 and 5 which authorize closed door meetings. If one of the expressed purposes of the investigation into AG Swallow is to ensure the public trust, then we need to do all of our investigation in open and public meetings.  We must conduct our business in the full light of day so that our constituents can watch what we do.

Rep. Ivory: Accuracy is more important than speed

Rep. Christenson’s amendment requires reporting of bills after $500k


I voted against hb1001 because of open meeting issues

I voted for hb1002,1003,1004

Rep. McCiff: from a Dakota Souix: When you find yourself riding a dead horse, dismount and find another

While my horse is down, my horse is lame, he is not dead and he will rise again

Transportation Committee

Mrs. Clair Gaddis testimony before transportation committee

$2Billion in debt, but still exorbitant salaries, $360k/yr is 2nd highest in nation. UTA president has larger retirement than US President; Front Runner is a net polluter; read the 2012 audits cover to cover;

Salaries should be in line with what they do, not compared to airline executives

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