My evaluation letter of my intern, Rachel Norby


Rep. David Lifferth


Adam Brown

Political Science Department
Brigham Young University

RE: Intern Rachel Norby Evaluation

Dear Mr. Brown,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing me with a very effective and hard working intern, Ms. Rachel Norby. She worked very hard and many hours to be a very industrious and diligent intern. She helped me be a better legislator than I would have been without her constant help. The following letter should serve as my written evaluation of her.


First of all, Rachel was extremely dependable. I could count on her to be where she was needed and deliver all of the work that I asked her to do. I never had any doubts that she would do the highest quality job at every assignment that I gave to her.

I did not have to micro-manage her activities. I was able to give her high-level objectives and turn the responsibility over to her. She was able to manage all of the details herself and provide high quality work. She seemed to immediately grasp the importance and scope of what I asked her to do without much explanation or description on my part.


I gave her several writing assignments, including a complex research assignment that she was able to deliver to me as a blog posting for my web site. She did an outstanding job. After reviewing the results, I asked for a slight change of scope and she was able to build in the assignment and add even more useful research. I also had her draft several letters that I was able to personalize for maximum effectiveness. She has a keen mind and is able to express the ideas that she and I discussed.


In addition to all of the above work that I had her do, she sincerely seemed to enjoy the process of legislation. She enjoyed being an integral part of the process. I had her review legislation that I was working and she helped me to refine the wording. I had her research similar legislation in other states and she provided comprehensive analysis. I never knew if she agreed with me or not on the legislation, but she always sounded enthusiastic and supportive. I was able to share her research with other legislators and it helped them fine-tune their legislation as well.


I was very impressed by how well Rachel understood the processes at the State Capitol.  There were times that I am sure she didn’t know what I was asking for, but through the resources and people that she worked with, she was able to deliver exactly what I needed.  For example, when I asked for the names and addresses of the Eagle Scouts in my district, she smiled and ran off to find that out for me. She had that same attitude about all of the assignments that I gave to her. There were many times that I needed to be in two places (frequently it was two committee meetings) at the same time.  Rachel was able to be there for me and keep me updated with status reports by phone, text messages, and emails. She was a force multiplier and I could not have done all I did or been everywhere I needed to be with out her help and understanding of the processes.


If I didn’t know better I would have thought that this was not Rachel’s first opportunity to be a legislative intern. She knew so much and did everything so well; I could easily have believed that this was not her first time at the Rodeo. I made a lot of rookie mistakes as a first time legislator, but she never made any.


In conclusion, I would definitely give Rachel a solid A for her strong effort and performance as a legislative intern. She excelled at everything she did and put in extra time and effort to help me be successful. I appreciated her help and hope that she gets full credit for what she did at the Utah State Capitol.






Rep. David Lifferth

Utah State Legislature

District 2 – Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain

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