My email respons to a voter that thought I voted for Count My Vote

A voter in my district received an email that said "David Lifferth votes to bring Count My Vote to be a part of our system". He asked my what I didn't like about the caucus system.

It is sad the there are some that are so disingenuous that not only do they not understand the issues, but they attempt to deceive the voters just as the "Count My Vote" initiative did. Sad, but true.

This was my email response to him:

If you've followed my blogs and tweets you would know that I am a huge proponent of the caucus and convention system. I'm on the state GOP Central Committee and will be part of the legal challenge to the signature path to the ballot.

This is a bit more complex than a bumper sticker can explain. This is a chess move to defeat the CMV initiative.

(Photo from my conversation with Christ Troupis and Rep. Kay Christofferson)

However, to justify my vote on SB54, Attorney Christ Troupis, who was the attorney for the Idaho GOP that defended them against a similar challenge and will probably be hired the the Utah GOP to defend our rights add a party, says that Utah is in a better legal position to defend the caucus and convention system by passing SB54. In other words if we didn't take any legislative action to challenge CMV, then the courts would see that as a type of tacit approval.

I blogged about this last week.

We can talk more if you still have questions.


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