Today was highlighted by a visit to the State Capitol by Mayor Mia Love. She was treated like a Rock Star. I was honored to walk her around the Capitol and introduce her. However, she knew more people that I did.

These are how I voted on bills today:

HB 41 remove an archaic law that is not being enforced

HB 42 remove a process that costs money that is not necessary. Allow it to happen on demand and as needed, but not every year.

HB 45 re-authorizing after the sunset had expired. Allows coordination with other states on insurance

HB 46 Reduces the requirements for hearing instrument licensing, renews the sunset

HB 47 circled, which means it was sent back to committee

HB 52 update of bath salts and spice definitions

HB 53 circled, which means it was sent back to committee

HB 54 approved additional ways to appraise property value for tax purposes

HV 24 State retirement updates

HB 1,4,5,6,7,8 I approved Base Budget Bills


Jim Matheson Presentation to the House

  1. Policies are creating uncertainty
  2. Continue to open markets to our goods around the world
  3. Look for ways to have cheap and accessible energy
  4. Educating and training our workforce


 HB 83: voted favorable to evaluate more Utah highways for increasing speed limit to 80. I commend the data analysis to determine the best and most appropriate speed for those roads. Accidents actually decreased in some areas of the study area after the speed limits were increased. Look at history of wrecks that are both speed related and not speed related. Looking for road geometry allows for higher speeds.

90% of Utahns use seat belts. 50% of all fatalities in Utah are among the 10% that don’t use seatbelt.


 I voted to approve the removal person's name and address from Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance. This has been a trend in crime where criminals break into a car and get the address of the owner and steal the garage door opener and then go rob their house. In the mean time you may want to remove your name and address from these documents in your glove box and not have your name and address on anything in your car.

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