May 18th Special Sesson and Interim Legislative day

Transportation Interim Committee Meeting

One of the main topics in Transportation Interim Committee was Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Drones. Since there were a number of Drone Bills in the 2016 session, this provided an opportunity to have representatives from the drone industry to discuss many aspects of drones.

There was also a brief discussion of Utah's Open Meeting Laws which in turn brought up the recent Closed UTA meeting. I have asked a number of questions about that meeting.

Education Interim Committee Meeting

The primary topic in the Education Committee Meeting was "Competency Based Education". This means that students are able to progress only after demonstrating subject competency. This may required a different funding formula as we currenty fund based on "seat time" and attendance which doesn't really mean anything.

Special Legislative Session

I had the honor of selecting people to give the opening prayer and lead the pledge of allegiance at the Special Legislative Session. I picked 2 elected officials from my House District which were Mayor Jim Miller from Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain City Councilman Ben Reaves.

There were 2 items on the Special Session Agenda.

1. Resolution Opposing the creation of the Bears Ears National Monument. This is proposed by President Barack Obama. The vote was 64-10 in favor of the resolution. I voted in favor of the resolution.

2. Restoring the $4.7 million to fund several education programs that Governor Herbert vetoed. However, after negotiations with the House and the Senate, Governor Herbert supported this vote and it passed the house 67-6. I voted in favor of restoring this funding.

According to the survey that I did of voters in our area:

  • 57% supported funding ProStart, 35% opposed
  • 48% supported Reading Assessment program while 30% opposed
  • 57% supported funding IT Academy, 35% opposed
  • 48% supported Early Intervention while 43% opposed

I spoke in favor of ProStart funding and these are my notes for my brief speech:

I love ProStart, it is the best career ready education program that we are funding

It has been around for 20 years in the nation

The Past 10 years Utah has received funding to grow to a state wide program

ProStart has a proven track record for success and envied by all other programs

Not just for chefs: customer relations, accounting, management, life skills

I have seen examples of students that have are hired to a good paying job just by being in this program

My Westlake High School ProStart team placed 6th in the nation

ProStart is a teach a man to fish program

Defender of Principled Government

I received a Defender of Principled Government Award from Don Guyman of Utah Grass Roots.  Don told me as he presented the award "Dave, with you out of the legislature, we are losing 3 of our top 5 most reliable conservative votes."

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Rep. Lifferth, Mayor Jim Miller, EM City Councilman Ben Reaves, Sergent at Arms Mitchell

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