KUTV's Get Gephard: Internet Service Slowdown In Eagle Mountain

Get Gephardt: Internet Service Slowdown In Eagle Mountain

Last Update: 1/16 12:58 pm

Get Gephardt: Internet Provider Slows Users

The offer was faster internet speeds for less money. But when residents of Eagle Mountain paid up, then found they couldn't get those speeds it was time to Get Gephardt.

It was a sales pitch for neighbors in Eagle Mountain. Change to the Digis company for your internet service, and it will be faster. Two people who contacted us say they changed over, but didn't get what they paid for?

“Fastest broadband for the money! Guaranteed,” said website developer Jared Pedroza.

Pedroza knows his way around a computer and the internet and says his home internet provider Digis is too slow.

“I signed up for an internet connection that was suppose to be really, really fast! And the only times i can use it, it's really, really slow,” Jared said.

Jared says it's the opposite of what he signed up for with Digis back in September.

Jared ran a test for us. He sent and received a document. The test Web site shows the speed at 265 kilobits per second but Jared says he is supposed to get.

“So instead of spending two hours working on a project when I have that inspiration I spend, you know, half an hour/45 minutes just downloading the file,” said Jared.

And it's same for neighbor Gary Loughmiller.

“When you need it, it's too slow,” said Gary.

So, just why is it so slow.

When we contacted Digis vice president Bret Westwood, he fixed it immediately.

Westwood says they budgeted $30,000 to increase internet speed, but they hadn't done it yet.

Now, they have.

“We want to deliver the fastest speeds possible! Particularly in areas like Eagle Mountain where there aren't a lot of other options for these subscribers,” Bret said.

And when we returned to the neighborhood, customers were instantly pleased.

“Our speeds jumped from next to nothing to almost the full thing we were promised,” said Jared.

Digis has over 25,000 customers statewide and they say they're working to upgrade all their customers' internet speed.

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