Information related to Utah's Medicaid Expansion options

Obamacare, which was passed in the US Congress and Senate without a single Republican vote, requires states to expand Medicaid coverage. Utah so far has been one of holdouts in announcing what we will do. However, time is running out for Utah to present an alternative before Full Medicaid Expansion is forced on Utah. Medicaid Expansion is paid for by the federal government for the first 3 years to get people hooked on it, and then Utah will have to pay for it out of our General Fund after that. There are a number of plans that have been presented. Which do you think we should choose?

There are 4 and possibly 5 options that we face today.

Medicaid expansion options:

  • House
  • Senate (similar plan in South Dakota rejected buy federal govt as illegal  under Obamacare)
  • Governor's Plan (Healthy Utah)
  • Democratic plan of Full Expansion
  • Delay decision (running out of time, may require special session later this year)

Infographics about options:

Here are some links to related information:

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