I appreciate the scrutiny from the Trib's "Lawmakers rake in cash from special interests" article

I welcome and appreciate scrutiny from the Trib's "Lawmakers rake in cash from special interests". We need more of this scrutiny of how elected officials raise and spend money. I don't think that the article went far enough and they only scratched the surface on some of the issues. I expect that this will be an issue in the Senate District 13 race this year.

Here is a link to the original article: http://www.sltrib.com/home/3437412-155/lawmakers-rake-in-cash-from-...

I got several mentions in the article and I want to push as much information as I can into the discussion. Here are my mentions and additional information.

"Some reported spending campaign money for dry cleaning — Mel Brown spent more than $300 on "suit cleaning for session," Lifferth spent $55 and Sen. Kevin Van Tassell, R-Vernal, spent $83."

  • I had to dry clean a couple of my suits and shirts that I had stained during the 2015 legislative session. I must confess that I am a messy eater.

"Four others — Reps. Steve Handy, Paul Ray, Lee Perry and Lifferth — used campaign funds to buy shirts with the House logo from the Legislature's "Third House" (a fund for social events and food)."

  • I have purchased several shirts with campaign funds that have logos on them. I wear them to campaign events. I purchased one with the House Logo on it so that I could wear that one as well. For example, I wore it to the Utah County GOP Central Committee Meeting yesterday where I spoke on the legislative panel about legislation that I am working on.

"Lifferth spent $29 on "bowling for constituents." He also spent $105 for "movie tickets and popcorn" at the Thanksgiving Point Megaplex and $320 for classes at the soon-to-close, conservative George Wythe University."

  • I'm not sure how they put "bowling for constituents" in quotes when it says "bowling with constituents" on my disclosure. I do these sort of activities all the time where I invite constituents such as precinct chairs, state and county delegates to fun activities where we can get to know each other and talk politics. I pay for the shoe rental and drinks and snacks. I have more of these "Bowling with Dave" activities planned between now and the GOP Primary. If you would like to go bowling and talk politics, let me know. I am not a great bowler, but I am OK. One of my P.E. classes at BYU was bowling and I enjoy it as fun group activity. I am better at real bowling than Nintendo WII bowling, but I like both.
  • I have done 3 different "publicity activities" involving movie tickets and popcorn. I typically get voters in Senate District 13 to do some call to action and then hold a drawing to give away tickets to those that have taken action. I have given away tickets to "Hunger Games", "Star Wars", and "13 Hours" to people who have followed me on Twitter (@DavidLifferth), Friended me on Facebook (David.Lifferth), or liked my Senate District 13 Campaign Page (https://www.facebook.com/DavidLifferthSenate13/). I am recognized as one of the leading State Legislators in the Nation on Social Medial. I have lot of career marketing experience and I'm using that in my senate campaign.
  • My son Michael has been a very helpful volunteer in my campaigns and ongoing constituent outreach activities which I do all the time and not just when I am up for re-election. I have him run errands for my campaign and I use him as an unofficial intern when the legislature is not in session.  He was Student Body President at Rockwell Charter High School and is now employed there as the Student Government Adviser.  He approached me about attending George Wythe University in Salt Lake City which offers a Mock State Legislature experience. I told him that I would pay for his tuition if he would do a number of activities for my campaign and outreach. He was very happy to help and I paid for him to attend.  Interestingly enough, his title was "Senator Lifferth" so he was a senator before I ever ran for State Senate.

"Rep. Sue Duckworth, D-Magna, used $14 in campaign money for a car wash, and Lifferth spent $16 on one."

  • I was invited to show my Plug-In Electric Hybrid Chevrolet Volt with other electric cars (Tesla, Cadillac ELC,etc) at the State Capitol on a Clean Air Demonstration so I paid to have my car washed before the demo. Unfortunately, I got the scheduled activity confused on my calendar, so I actually missed including my Chevy Volt in the demo.

"Rep. David Lifferth, R-Eagle Mountain, reported spending $26.70 for a federal firearms license fee, needed to deal in guns or ammunition."

  • I didn't purchase a Federal Firearms License as was reported in the article. But I'll take that as a good idea. I think that an FFL licence costs $150, so if I can get it for $27 I should do it. The $26.70 was actually the transfer fee to do the background check, etc that is required to transfer ownership. This fee was for the commemorative AR-15. 

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