How I voted in the July 13, 2016 Special Legislaive Session

These are the voting results from the Special Legislative Session on July 13, 2016.

House Bills

H.B. 3001 -- Tax Credit Review Amendments (Rep. Peterson, J.)
I voted YES and we need to constantly review Tax Credits. This bill had only 1 opposing vote in the house and senate combined.

H.B. 3002 -- State Fair Park Amendments (Rep. Hollins, S.)
I voted YES and this passed unanimously in both House and Senate. I was actually on the fence on so I was surprised when there were no opposing votes. With half of the funding for this 10k seat stadium coming from private sources, this is a deal for taxpayers. The Utah State Fair is mandated in the Utah State Constitution, so making it viable and self-sustaining is important.

H.B. 3003 -- Unmanned Aircraft Amendments (Rep. Ipson, D.)
I voted YES. This bill goes even beyond what my Drone Legislation from last session did by allowing damages to be required of drown owners that impair fire and law enforcement operations. There were only 2 opposing votes.

H.B. 3004 -- Criminal Justice Reinvestment Amendments (Rep. Hutchings, E.)
I vote NO and was among only 5 opposing votes in the house. While I am generally in favor of Criminal Justice Reform, I am getting feedback from people in my district that we may have gone too far and need to step back and make sure that we are doing the right things.

H.B. 3005 -- Grandparent Rights Amendments (Rep. Christensen, L.)
I voted NO. I voted yes in the 2016 Session but subsequently talked to an umber of adoptive parents and had legitimate issues raised with the previous legislation. I was actually happy when Gov. Herbert vetoed this bill. I think that Rep. Christensen has his heart in the right place and means well. This version of the legislation is better than the last one, but I still feel that it needs some additional refinement before it should become law. This is the only bill that failed. It had 27 in favor and 40 opposing votes in the house.

Senate Bills

S.B. 3001 -- Controlled Substance Database Modifications (Sen. Weiler, T.)

I voted YES. I raised 4th Amendment concerns with the sponsors, but since this is for people already in custody and would like to get paroled they would have to voluntarily allow for the database to be searched for them. This bill passed unanimously.

S.B. 3002 -- Economic Development Revisions (Sen. Bramble, C.)

I was one of the 7 opposing votes in the House. I am supportive of the technology sector and the "Silicon Slopes" in our area. I understand how the game is played and that this post performance sales tax break was required to beat our New Mexico as the other finalist site. However, I am opposed to government picking winners and losers. I want everyone to pay an equal and fair share.

S.B. 3003 -- Judicial Nominating Commissions - Amendments (Sen. Knudson, P.)
I voted YES and this bill passed unanimously

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