Gun Rights Rally at Utah State Capitol, Jan 19, 2013

Utah also held a Gun Rights or Gun Appreciation Rally today at the State Capitol building. Many other states from all across the county did the same.  Here are some of my photos and observations.

Here are Reps. Lifferth and Greene on the steps of the State Capital after the rally ended. Rep. Brian Greene, Dist 57, gave the concluding speech at the Gun Rally today. He described his 2nd Amendment Preservation bill and said that it would available on the site next week. Brian has become the rock star of this upcoming legislative session. Someone in crowd yelled out that he should run for Governor.

I took this photo about 10 minutes before the rally began of the east side of the crowd. By the time the rally ended, I suspect that the crowed had doubled in size. I have seen where this photo has been picked up by some national tweeters who wanted to show the crowd size.  I also did a video panorama of the crowd to try to estimate size.

This photo was take just as the meeting conductor was introducing the speakers that would address the crowd. Even though it was a cold day (in the teens) and very smoggy, the blue sky was vivid.

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Comment by David Lifferth on January 19, 2013 at 6:27pm

This angle shows the smog, fog, and snow in the background. Every one had flags and signs. Someone gave me a sign that said "My guns are used to defend my family and my freedoms". There were some creative signs and some of the old stand by slogans to defend our 2nd amendment rights. I liked the one that said 45 Million Gun Owners harmed no one yesterday.

Comment by David Lifferth on January 19, 2013 at 6:28pm


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