Feedback from resident Phil Bruick on items on Special Session Agenda July 13, 2016

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Dear Philip,

I'm sorry for the late notice, but like you I haven't recevied much notice for the Special Legislative Session that the Governor called for the day after tomorrow, July 13, 2016.

I am typically very skeptical of legislation that is not given thorough review and vetting and will typically vote against legislation that is not able to be reviewed by voters in my area. I won't have time to set up a survey and get feedback from voters. So if you have thought on any of these issues, please reply to this email.



These are the questions on the items on the Special Session Agenda:

  • An appropriation of funds and related legislation for the purpose of constructing an arena at the State Fair Park;  After all of the issues with the Prison Relocation, I'm very distrustful of any construction, proposed land uses and so forth proposed by our legislative members.  Having not seen any proposed legislation and thus not being able to see exactly what is being proposed, I would say that the state has an existing investment in the State Fair Park.  While the fair is not of the magnitude in past decades, it does sitll provide settings and organization for community and state events.  If you are somewhat convinced that this won't be another hole that our tax monies are engulfed by, then I would support it.
  • Legislation related to the use of unmanned aircrafts over restricted wildfire airspaces;  The Saddle Back fire in southern Utah has made it clear to me that the use of drones and other private intrusive machinery have no place in wildfire airspace.  They need to be restricted to official use only (there is an official use so an exclusion should be made for them) and fines should be heavy for those who continue to violate the airspace in this manner.  The fine should be equal to the potential threat of loss of life.
  • Legislation related to the Utah Justice Reinvestment Initiative;  Sorry, I have no knowledge of what this is about
  • Amendments to the code provisions regarding Judicial Nominating Commissions;  Same as above
  • Legislation related to the ability of grandparents to visit grandchildren adopted by a family member of the child; As a grandparent, I'm torn by this issue.  I do think that Grandparents should have the right to interact with their grandchildren no matter who has custody rights; however, I'm not sure about the legislation given the many, many varying issues involved in custody fights.
  • A clarification to the statutory exception to the warrant requirement for access to the controlled substance database by probation or parole officers;  Anything we can do to facilitate probation and parole officers access to records regarding the criminals they are given responsibility for is good in my mind.
  • To consider economic development legislation that would provide certain sales and use tax exemptions for a qualifying enterprise data center; This one has a smell to it but I have no idea how to respond since I do not know what is being proposed.
  • For the Senate to consent to appointments made by the Governor.  Does this mean that the Senate would be given authority to consent or not consent all appointments made by the Governor?  If it does, then I'm against it.  I would support Senate consent with major positions such as head of the Dept of Natural Resources and maybe the Director of State Parks, but no lower than that.  The Governor needs to be given the authority to make many appointments within his administration without having to wait for the politics and approvals of the legilators.
  • Amendments to the code provisions regarding continuing care retirement communities;No ida what thsi is
  • Legislation related to the Legislature’s review of tax credits, similar to 2016 House Bill 310, Tax Credit Review Amendments  No opinion on this one

Let me know what your thoughts on these issues are.

Thanks for helping me understand your concerns on these or any other issue.



Rep. Dave Lifferth

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