Email to party leadership on how to maximize representation of Utah County at the State Party level

I wholehearted agree with much of Keri's suggestions. We should have a page that provides information about the Utah County Delegates to the SCC along with their contact information. Posting agendas as soon as they are available would be a great services to our delegates and our county party. Posting minutes and results of those meetings would also be beneficial to our county party.  It is a great idea to provide relevant information to those members of our party that want to stay informed about activities at the SCC.

However, I do have 3 concerns.

My first concern is that we not post anything that would be considered strategy that would benefit the Democrats or any non-Republican candidate.

My second concern is that we have no obligation to give a stage to any disgruntled party member that would use the page to do harm to our party or our elected officers.  As we have observed there are members of our party that will
push the Republican party, elected officers, and rank and file members 'under the bus' in order to serve their own anti-party agenda.  If there are individuals that intend to harm our party, they should do that on their own web site and on their own dime.

My third concern is that we not post any information that would be sensitive in nature that could compromise a person's private information and lead to identity theft.  We should provide relevant information without harming party members that are serving the good of the party.

I would propose that we provide a single email address such as that members can send an email to that would be forwarded to the respective email in-box of each of the SCC delegates.  The same idea
would be good for the County Party Leadership, such as that would forward to Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Lets keep the great ideas flowing on how we can maximize our representation at the State Party Level.

David Lifferth
Utah County GOP SCC

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