Description of Questioned Campaign Expenses

I received an email request from Justin Lee, from the Lieutenant Governor's office. He was questioning some of the expenses that I had disclosed in my official financial disclosures that I am required to submit as an elected official in Utah.

There is probably more to the timing of this request, that we may or may not learn about in the future.

As someone who believes strongly in openness and transparency and accountability of elected officials, I am happy to respond to Mr. Lee's request. I would also like to point out that on my the front page of my web site I have a link to my financial disclosures. I want to make my disclosures as easy for my voters to see and review.

These are the links that I display prominently on my web site:

 Read emails in my public Legislative In-Box:

See the status of my bills:

View Lifferth's Campaign Contributions

I don't know any other elected official in the state that displays their contributions and expenditures as prominently as I do. Wouldn't it be refreshing if all elected officials were that open and transparent?

As always I look forward to any questions that voters may have about these items. Don't hesitate to contact me.

I have previously blogged about some of these expenditures when the SL Tribune did an article on Legislators expenditures:    


Here is the original Trib Article


Date Cost Who Description
1/2/15 $137.68 NRA Vest, Hat

I purchased these 2 items prior to going to a gun range with friends and voters from my district. I probably did not need to purchase these items, but I wanted it to be clear to the other participants at that and other events that I went to that I am a "gun guy" and a strong supporter of NRA. I have worn the vest to several gun events and in the state legislature as a show of support for gun rights and the NRA.

1/6/15 $219.59 David Lifferth Projector

I use a projector at the town hall meeting and cottage meetings that I conduct. Since I am a data guy and have lots of information that I want to share with my constituents, I try to be very visual in my presentations. This is a very useful tool and it helps me demonstrate with charts and graphs and hopefully make complex issues easier to understand. This is not a great projector and it doesn’t do 1080p so it is not useful for showing movies, but it is a LED projector that should last for a long time (hopefully). It does a good job at displaying PowerPoint presentations, which is why I bought it.

I purchased a similar projector in 2013 and have used it for this same purpose at every town hall or cottage meeting over the past few years. However, as I had already starting my run for the State Senate, the power supply quit working. I already had a PowerPoint presentation that I was preparing and using in town hall meetings, I had to get a replacement very quickly. 
I use this projector at least once a week leading up to the legislative session and now several times a week as I am campaigning for the senate. I was also able to use it as I helped teach a Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge class. Using Google Maps on a projector is the right tool for the job with the “show where City Hall (or Police or Fire station, etc) is in your community”.
I was having problems with my PayPal account when I made this purchase, so I had to pay with my personal debit card. I then transferred money from my campaign account to cover this cost from my personal account.
Here is a link to a blog post that show me using by this projector and the NRA hat described in the previous line:
1/13/15 $15.64 Blue Lemon Lunch with Shon
Shon Harris is not in my House or Senate District but he and I are friends and we discuss politics on a regular basis. I wanted to get his thoughts on legislation that I was working on last year. He also had some ideas on using technology in politics, which is something that I am very interested in. This was a political lunch and I invited him and offered to pay for his lunch. I have done this and will continue to do this to reach across the aisle and work with people of all political parties. I’m pretty sure there is a selfie floating around on social media with Shon and me having lunch.
1/19/15 $16.00 Sparkle Car Wash Car Wash I was invited to show my Plug-In Electric Hybrid Chevrolet Volt at a clean air car show at the State Capitol. I was invited to do this because I am a legislator and one of the early adopters of these clean fuel vehicles. I washed my car using campaign funds because I wanted my car to be presentable for this event that was held at the capitol. The tragic part of this story is that I put it on my calendar for the wrong day and showed up the day after the Clean Air Car Show was held in my clean Chevy Volt.
1/26/16 $92.64 Wingers Family Lunch Since I don’t have a paid staff, I use my family as my volunteers on a regular basis. I told them in advance that if they helped me on several items and events in the months leading up to the beginning of the state legislature that we would have a family lunch on the first day of the session. I have hosted meals for my volunteers over the years and I felt that this was an appropriate use of funds to reward my volunteers.
2/17/15 $32.06 Edinburgh Tie As a member of the Genealogy and Family History industries I am a frequent speaker and lecturer at Genealogy Conventions including RootsTech, which is held in Salt Lake City in February. Since my election to the state legislature I have become somewhat of an expert on law and legal issues relating to Genealogy and Family History. 

I wanted to have an “ice breaker” that makes it easy to start a conversation with people that I meet. I am usually not at a loss for words, but sometimes it does help to have an item that I can point out and talk about and lead to other items to discuss. I wore this tie frequently to the legislature and to other political events over the past 2 years.  This tie has been a nice way to introduce my self and my back ground and some of my interests.

While I did not teach a class a at last year’s RootsTech, as I have previous years, I did have a research assignment on a Privacy Issue to discuss with Genealogy and Family History experts about legislation that deals with privacy and DNA issues. This Fourth Amendment Privacy issue and model legislation from other states that I was working on, was brought to me by House Legislative Staff. 
I bought the tie, which has my mother’s Scottish Tartan, as special attire that I wore to the RootsTech conference to talk with industry experts.  Clearly, the tie was not a requirement. But I wanted to have that as a conversation piece as I met with industry experts.  Wearing your family’s Scottish Tartan is a sure way to show street cred at any Genealogy Conference.
I had a similar Scottish Tartan tie in years past, but I had given it away as a gift. I felt that I would be presenting myself well by prominently displaying my mother’s family tartan and purchased another tie prior to the RootsTech conference.
3/18/15 $55.43 Lily's Cleaners Laundry In last years legislative session stained 2 suits by spilling food on them at different times. I felt that it was appropriate to use campaign funds to clean my suits that I had stained. This is a confession that I am a messy, if not a clumsy eater. However, the suits were stained while serving in the legislature.
6/8/15 $32.74 Riverton City Race Registration This was actually a mistake on my part. I incorrectly read the maps for Senate District 13 and I thought that there was a part of Riverton that was in Senate District 13. I wanted to have shirts that indicated my involvement in local community events and activities. I paid for the registration and shirt with campaign funds as I wanted to have bling and street cred by having participated in the city events that I was running to represent. I have plenty of shirts from Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, and Lehi because of my 20 years of community involvement in my area. I wanted to expand my community clothing collection so that I could wear these shirts to less formal events in Riverton City. 
As I pointed out, I didn’t realize that I didn’t have any parts of Riverton in my district until several months later as I was talking to other legislators from Senate District 13 and they corrected my geographic misunderstanding.
6/8/15 $24.34 Riverton City Race Shirt Same explanation as the line above.
6/9/15 $17.00 Lehi City Race Registration Similar explanation as the 2 lines above. However, I have run in the Lehi Pioneer Days 5k race several times before. However, I had not purchased a commemorative T-Shirt from the previous races. I wanted to expand my community clothing collection so that I could wear these shirts to less formal events in this city.
11/9/15 $105.50 Thanksgiving Point Megaplex Movie Tickets and Popcorn I have done several publicity stunts to create buzz on social media about my State Senate Campaign. I purchased these movie tickets and gift cards for popcorn that I used as prizes for these publicity stunts. For example I gave movie passes to the lucky winners from a drawing for everyone that liked my Facebook Page, or followed me on Twitter, or took one of my online surveys. I have given movie tickets and gift cards for popcorn to the Hunger Games, Start Wars, and 13 Hours.  I think that this was money very well spent in publicizing my campaign.
Here is a link to a blog about one of these publicity stunts:
11/13/15 $13.87 Kitchen Collections Apron Another campaign event that I have done over the years is hosting a pancake breakfast. For my latest pancake breakfasts, I purchased a new apron to wear when I host these events that says “The dude with the food”. I did this because my other apron that I have worn is not in a presentable condition. 

Here is a link to a blog post that shows me wearing this apron at one of my pancake breakfasts.
11/24/15 $100.00 Vanessa Moodie Legal Fees for Citizenship Application  Vanessa Moodie is a community leader and a long time friend. She is originally from Jamaica and until last year was not a US Citizen. Even though she has not been a United States Citizen, she and members of her family have regularly volunteered to help my campaigns going back to when I was first elected to serve on the Eagle Mountain City Council. Her family has helped pass out fliers and put up campaign signs.

When she announced last year she was trying to get her US Citizenship and they were trying to save money for the cost of legal fees and whatever else they had to pay for, I told her that after all of the help they have been to me in my various campaigns that the least I could do was to donate some money to help her become a citizen. I don’t remember the exact details of why I broke it up into 2 payments of $100 each, buy I think that she had to pay for 2 different fees. Here is a link to a parade float with Vanessa’s daughter Brianna helping me on my parade float back in 2009:
11/24/15 $100.00 Vanessa Moodie Citizenship Fees Same as above
12/17/15 $26.70 Discount Guns and Ammo FFL Fee This was the FFL fee for the commemorative Legislature AR-15 guns that were purchased last year. 

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