Complaint to UCRP about '16 Caucus activity by Adam and Melisa Bradley

Re: I need to file a complaint about an issue that happened at Caucus night3
David Lifferth <>,
Mar 25, 2016 at 11:20 AM
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I know that can probably not be anything done at this point. However, due to false allegations of cheating in my caucus, a person that probably would not have won was able to get elected as precinct chair.  While this is my own account, there were 200 people at the caucus that could confirm how this happened.

This is my account of what happened.

There were 3 Precinct Chair Nominations from the floor: Adam Bradley, Melanie Valderama, and Steve Eaton.
The candidates gave their 2-minute speeches and most gave them about general Republican and Conservative Values.
They were then asked who they supporter for Governor, and all said that they plan to vote for Jonathan Johnson.
I then raised my hand and was called on to ask a question.
I said that since I had many friends and supporters in attendance, I wanted to hear who the Precinct Chair Candidates supported in the Senate District 13 race.
Adam Bradley said “we can’t say that because that we are being elected to vet those candidates and are not able to say who support”
I then said “Let me rephrase my question: If any of you have already made up your mind and have decided who you are supporting in the Senate District 13 race?”
Melissa Bradley yelled out that is against party bylaws to ask candidates who they are supporting.  Keep in mind that this was just after the Precinct Chair candidates had just been asked that same question about Governor candidates and they each enthusiastically stated who they already support for Governor.
I said that “no, my question is not against the Party By-Laws and that I would appreciate knowing if they have already decided who they are supporting in the Senate District 13 race. “
Adam Bradley quietly said “Jake Anderegg”
The other 2 candidates said that they have not made up their minds and will vet the 3 Republican candidates. The acting Precinct Chair Melanie Valderama said that she like Dave Lifferth and has always found me accessible and good to work with.
Melissa Bradley kept yelling out everyone that my question was against party by-laws.
The voting began but Melissa Bradley was walking among the caucus attendees and telling them that Dave Lifferth was cheating by asking who the candidates supported for Senate District 13.
The voting results were close, but Adam Bradley won based on the claims by his wife Melissa that Dave Lifferth was cheating by asking who they supported.

I did review the rules that were given at to the caucus hosts and it says this:
Candidate speeches for each office shall be limited to a total of three minutes per office or delegate seat, evenly divided among the candidates, or thirty seconds each, whichever is less, unless modified by a majority vote. Disclosures of candidates with regard to platform planks, employment, personal views, support for individual candidates, etc. are in order.
Could I at least get a confirmation from the county party that my question was not against the Party By-Laws and that I was not cheating by asking that question?

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