Blog: Thanking my friends and associates in Eagle Mountain

The following are my council comments from December 1, 2009.

  • I have enjoyed my service on the city council. At times it has been difficult, but for the most part it has been rewarding
  • I hope that I have contributed in some small way to the success of Eagle Montain
  • I am pleased with what has been accomplished and hope like I have made a difference
  • It is nice to hear some folks complain that Eagle Mountain is 'getting too much' instead of them making jokes about Eagle Mountain
  • I would like to thank the mature city council and the professional city staff
  • Point out who was here back in 2005
There are many people who I would like to thank for their friendship, leadership, and hard work
  • Kelvin Bailey, friend and mentor
  • Gerry Kinghorn, friend and mentor
  • Heather Jackson, friend and political ally
  • Angie Ferre, friend and adviser
  • Mark and Erin Madsen, friends and mentors
  • Members of current city council J
  • ohn Hendrickson, mature and wise leadership
  • Ifo Pili and Jason Walker
  • While serving as mayor in 2005: Chris Hillman, Mark Sovine, Gordon Burt, Gina Peterson, Chief Rand Andrus, Sergeant Mark Binks
  • Finnuala Kofoed and her staff
  • Jeff Weber. Len and Deanna Whitney, Juanita Steinbrenner, Lori Jolley, Adam Ferre, Chris Trusty, Brad Hickman, and the entire city staff
  • My wife and family who have patiently endured my time and service

I do feel like I am leaving the city in good hands and I do have high expectations for the progress to continue

Happy about Snow fences are going up on SR-73, EM is now getting what it needs.

Congrats to Real Salt Lake: 2009 MLS Champions

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Comment by Scot Hazard on December 6, 2009 at 7:14pm
Thanks David for all your good work. You've been a great communicator (love the website), and have come prepared to every council meeting -- having researched the issues, consulted with your constituents, and arrived to an educated decision on the matters before our city. I appreciate all the time you've invested in our city -- often at significant personal sacrifice, given the demands of work, family, church, and other obligations you also bear. All the best, David, in 2010 and beyond.
Comment by David Lifferth on December 6, 2009 at 9:31pm
Thank you Scot for your kind words.


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