Blog: My parade float in 2009 Pony Express Day's Parade

My parade float entry is in response to a popular question that I am getting now-a-days. The question is "Dave, are you running for re-election?" My answer has been "Yeah, I am leaning towards running for re-election." However, my parade float was my official announcement that I am running. My parade float title was "You can RELAX, Dave is running for re-election."

Eagle Mountain is a complex city. A lot more complex that it needs to be. And as we have seen there are people that have taken advantage of the city or tried to bully the city and the residents.

I have been told by a resident that they "sleep better at night knowing that I (Dave) am watching out for the city."

I won't spend the rest of my life on the city council. However, it is important that we have continued progress in the city. We have a good thing going on the council right now. We have a great group of people and there is a strong argument that a change in directions would be a bad thing.

Bullfrog Spas from Riverton sponsored my float and loaned me the hot tub. George Wright, my neighbor and home teacher, provided the Cadilac Escalade. James Johnson loaned me the trailer.

I had "Splish Splash", "Rubber Ducky" from Ernie on Sesame Street, and "Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid as my theme songs. I enjoyed wathing the parade watchers dance along with me.

I had 3 bubble machines that cranked out lots of bubbles during the parade. I went through almost a gallon of bubble juice.

Dave and Grizbee "relaxing in the tub"

Just Relax

Lots of bubbles

Dave Valenzuela is the original party animal. Dave pulled the ski boat and me on roller blades in last year's parade.

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Comment by Bryan Free on June 8, 2009 at 9:19am
That is great that you are running again. I appreciate your leadership and willingness to do what is best for Eagle Mountain. I have wondered. When the time comes for you not to run again, will we still see If not will you help a future coucil member to continue the tradition. This site is just ho valuable to the many who live to come and find news on our city and the issues going on.
Comment by David Lifferth on June 8, 2009 at 12:03pm

I run about 30 web sites and blog on many of them. I expect to continue to blog about many subjects that are near and dear to my heart even after I am no longer on the council.

I encourage everyone to blog about what they know and love. I have encouraged many people in EM to blog about what they know: Jennifer Web about Education, Wendi Baggali about Utah County Republican Party Bylaws committee, Erin Madsen about Leg. District 56, etc. I read many of the blogs that are about Eagle Mountain.

Bryan, you should be blogging about Eagle Mountain. You should be blogging about our Parks and Rec committee. You have a lot of enthusiasm and there is a lot that you could share with the rest of us. I am sure that I would quote and cite your blog if you had one.

It is important to me that government is open and transparent. I encourage all levels of government to be more open and transparent. I wish that more elected officials would be bold and brave enough to blog. I see it as a level of accountability to explain issues and report on what is happening.

I love what Congressman Chaffetz is doing with his Twitter Tweets and cot side chats. I love what many in the state legislature are doing. I hope to see more of that.

And when the day comes that I step away from EM City government, I do hope that those that are on the council will blog and be open and be accountable to the voters. Maybe that elected offical will be you. ;)
Comment by Adam Olsen on June 8, 2009 at 3:02pm
I have to second Bryan here. This blog is extremely valuable!

Pony Express Days was a huge success. The activities that my family and I attended were excellent. I love living here. I want to send my thanks and appreciation to all those who made it possible.


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