I am not from Utah and one of the first things that I noticed when I moved to Utah is the dual use of the word "ignorant." Outside of Utah, "ignorant" means uninformed or uneducated. The dictionary defines ignorant as “lacking knowledge or information”.

Inside Utah the word "ignorant: also means "rude." It is also pronounced "IG-nert"

I have had to adapt and adjust to languages and dialects before, so accepting a dual meaning of a word is nothing new. However, since I moved to Eagle Mountain I finally understand where dual meaning comes from.

While the vast majority of the good folks in Eagle Mountain are polite and well informed, the few people in Eagle Mountain that are the most un-informed, under-informed, mis-informed (intentionally or unintentionally) are the rudest people I have ever met.

Most of the uninformed or misinformed people that I have met throughout my life are usually calm or reserved in their personality traits. And most people are able to recognize that they may not have a complete grasp of an issue and they don't want to broadcast their lack of knowledge or education.

However, there are a handful of mis-informed and un-informed people in Eagle Mountain (and some who have moved away) that are not ashamed or embarrassed to open their rude mouths and let the rest of the world know how ‘ignorant’ they are. And they demonstrate that have no intention of taking the simple steps to educate or inform themselves.

So I have developed a rule of thumb: If someone is Eagle Mountain is rude, there is very high probability that they don't know what they are talking about.

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