Blog from Day 3 of State Legislature, Jan 30, 2013

A very busy day that started before 5am and won't be over until 10:30 or 11.

The Evening was capped by Governor Gary Herbert's State of the State Address. There is probably no Governor in the Nation that has a better story to tell about their State than Gov. Herbert. I live Tweeted his speech, so If you want to see what stood out to me, Follow me on Twitter:

I had a good visit with Saratoga Spring's Councilwoman Shellie Baertsh, City Administrator Mark Christenson, and Councilman Bud Paduska. Good talk about legislation affecting Saratoga Springs. We discussed what they are doing to mitigate the burn scar from last summer. They invited met to come and see their progress and preparations for the spring run-off and future down-pours. I missed visiting with Mayor Mia Love because she got stranded by a winter snow storm.

 I got to spend my House floor time with Eagle Mountain's Mayor Heather Jackson and Councilwoman and Legislative District Chair Donna Burnham. I introduced them to other legislators and took them on tours behind the scenes.

 At Lunch, which was hosted by the League of Cities and Towns, Mayor Heather Jackson compteted in the Jeopardy-like game against at team from the Governor's Office, State Senate, and State House. The game changer came when the answer was "What is Camp Floyd?" on a Daily Double that took the City team from last place to 2nd place which they never relinqueshed. Her team was able to win $7,500 for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Utah County.

I had a number of votes. All of the bills that I voted for passed, and all of the bills that I voted against failed.


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Comment by David Lifferth on January 30, 2013 at 9:04pm

Photo from the Jeopardy-like game which was hosted by Jeopardy Champ Ken Jennings and KSL's Doug Wright.


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