Blog: Congrats to the Undefeated, Sugar-Bowl Champion, University Of Utah Utes!

While I am a BYU Graduate, I wanted to recognize the awesome accomplishment of the Undefeated, Sugar-Bowl Champion, University Of Utah Utes.

The Utes had an amazing season. They finished with both the Mountain West Championship and a huge win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Alabama had gone undefeated through their SEC conference play and had spent 5 weeks ranked number one in the nation. I grew up in SEC territory and know what SEC football is all about. Very few teams have the football tradition, history, or level of play as Alabama.

Utah earned respect the old fashioned way: they earned it on the field.

I sure enjoyed watching the Utes make commentators and pundits eat their words. Forcing pompous and arrogant Barry Switzer "restate his position" at halftime was priceless.

Utah took their program to a level that very few teams have ever achieved. Utah make all of us, even BYU fans proud, by "Busting the BCS".

BYU had the "Quest for Perfection", but it was UTAH that achieved that amazing and lofty goal.

I took time during my council comments to compliment the Utes and wanted to get that onto my site as well.

Congratulations to #2 Ranked, Undefeated, University of Utah!

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