Blog: 2009 Local Officals Day at State Legislature

Senator Mark Madsen, lower right hand corner of photo

Rep. Ken Sumsion, slightly left of middle of photo

Today local elected officials met at the state capital in an event sponsored by the Utah League of Cities and Towns. It is always beneficial to bend the ear of your elected officials. I got to spend time with both Senator Mark Madsen and Rep. Ken Sumsion. Both of them are working on legislation that benefits the residents of Eagle Mountain.

I got to offer testimony in the transporation committee meeting that I attended in the morning. The discussion was about natural gas vehicles and 'nudging the EPA' to be more accomodating of the lower cost and clearner burning natural gas. Below is what I said:

I commend Governor Huntsman for declaring the I-15 corridor from Idaho to Arizona as a Natural Gas Vehicle zone. This will prompt both the private and public sectors to be more accomodating and supportive of natural gas vehicles.

Ever since gasoline prices jumped to $4 a gallon, society's expectations have changed. Consumers want alternatives to high priced petroleum.

Government should support the change to new technologies and not allow regulations deter these new options. Government should facilitate the change to alterntive fuels.

Much of the discussion about the regulations for Natural Gas Vehicles are applicable to other fuel options. My father is on a waiting list to get one of the first commercially produced electric vehicles to roll off the assembly lines. We need to make sure that we are not prohibiting changing from fossil fuel to more effiecent options.

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