Analysis of LD2 Survey Results and Rep. Dave Lifferth's 2014 voting record

Some have asked me how did Rep. Dave Lifferth vote on legislation compared to and based on surveys of voters in House District 2?

Of the 25 specific bill votes that were surveyed among voters in Legislative District 2 (Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain) Rep. Lifferth voted the same on 24 bills or 96% of the time. There were many bills that were amended to change their original intent so that changed some of the intent of the votes. Last year Rep. Lifferth voted 100% of the time with the sentiments of the voters in LD2.


HJR8 Utah`s official call for a Constitutional Convention for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution: LD2 Voters: Yes; Lifferth: Yes; failed 32-41 in house


HB91 Same Day Voter Registration? LD2 Voters No; Lifferth No on changing the law, but this bill was amended to be a test or pilot program and not actually change the law now. I voted to allow the test to occur and wait to see what the results are before we change the law.


SB80 Online Courses that would not be considered Dual Enrollment? LD2 Voters: Yes; Lifferth Yes on the Dual Enrollment. This bill was amended to have a lot of other provisions besides the Dual Enrollment issue. The other added issues caused the bill to be voted down in the house.


SB245 Online Internet Voting? LD2Voters (by a small margin) No; Lifferth No; But the bill was later amended to be a pilot and only apply to disabled voters and I then voted for it and the bill passed unanimously


Which option should Utah choose as a Medicaid Expansion Option under the requirements of ObamaCare? LD2 Voters were divided but a majority backed the Governor’s plan. There was no vote taken in the house. However, there was a general sentiment of waiting a while longer as we watch ObamaCare collapse under its own beaurocratic weight.  Every penalty for not complying with ObamaCare has been delayed in an effort to salvage Congressional democratic hopes in the 2014 General Elections


SB246 notifications to biological fathers if birth mothers choose to give their child up for adoption:LD2 Voters Yes; Lifferth would have voted yes, but it was never voted on in the house


SB72 Confiscate vehicles being driven without insurance: LD2 voters (by 2 votes) No; Lifferth No. However it passed the house 38-35.


HB154 ban wood burning fireplaces: LD2 Voters No (wide margin); Lifferth No. Passed house 32-28. This was a “clean air” year and many clean air initiatives were passed.


SB58 Requiring Carbon Monoxide detectors in schools: LD2 Voters Yes; Lifferth voted “No” in committee, but voted “Yes” in Floor vote after it was determined that it was already in the next building code that would be released later this year.


SB54 Count My Vote compromise that preserves the Caucus-Convention system: LD2 voters split on the issue; Lifferth voted Yes to preserve the Caucus System that would have been outlawed if/when Count My Vote when to the voters in the November General Election.


HB97: Should cities be allowed to have ordinances against *Pit Bulls* or other specific breeds: LD2 Voters 50-50 split; Lifferth voted No; passed 41-30. This was a local control issue for me and I spoke against the state telling cities what they could and couldn’t do.


HB228 Partisan School Board Elections: LD2 Voters (small margin 2% difference) No; Lifferth Yes. Failed in house 33-41. There was a lengthy discussion that showed support for partisan elections.


HB223 School Board Candidates to be elected by primary voters instead of the Governor`s Committee: LD2 voters Yes; Lifferth Yes;


HCR 8 Moving the state prison in Draper to another location: LD2 Voters (small margin) No; Lifferth No; passed 70-3 even though surveys show the public is slightly not in favor of the move.


HB190 Should bars and restaurants that serve alcohol to provide a Breathalyzer for patrons: LD2 Voters No; Lifferth No, until the bill was amended to not require breathalyzer but only set standards for breathalyzer if a bar has one.


SB57 insurance companies required to cover autism treatments: LD2 Voters Yes; Lifferth Yes


HB37 defines access to Utah's waterways for fishermen based on private property rights: Voters Mixed; Not voted on in house


HB131 $300million to add infrastructure, training, and devices to modernize public education: Voters mixed, narrow No by 2 votes; Not voted on in house because it would have a required a tax increase which no legislature was inclined to vote for.


HB55 Tax refund for UTA passes purchased in Jan,Feb,July to improve air quality: LD2 voters narrow No; Lifferth No; failed 29-45


SB112 Makes game fowl fighting a felony: LD2 Voters Yes; Lifferth Yes after bill was amended to make it a felony on the 2nd conviction


HB112 Limit E-Cigarette's to people age 19 and older: LD2 Voters Yes; Lifferth Yes after the bill was heavily amended


SB12 which raising legal smoking age to 21: LD2 Voters Yes; Failed in Senate and was never voted on in the house


HB105 Medicinal Cannabis (less than 3%TCP) to be available in Utah to treat Epilepsy: LD2 Voters Yes; Lifferth Yes; Passed house vote by 58-9 margin



HB87 Defines who can use a female restroom and who can use a male restroom: LD2 Voters Yes; Never heard in committee


HB96 pre-school voucher for children with learning disabilities in additional at-risk categories: LD2 Voters Narrow Yes; Lifferth Yes; passed house 55-17


HB202 limits access to guns to individuals that have been committed to a mental health facility? LD2 Voters Yes; HB202 Never voted on in committee.

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