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Questions and Answers from FortyFivePolitics blog

I answered 4 questions about myself for a Utah County Blogger. Here are the questions and answers as I submitted them.
1.     Tell us a little bit about yourself (200 words)

I am a very simple person. I don't have…

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From the Debate:Biggest state issue for my district was fighting prison relocation

One of the questions at Thursday’s debate was "what is the biggest issue facing the State?"

I answered that question in a very different way than expected:

"The biggest issue facing my district was fighting against the prison being relocated to my district".

I also talked about how I'm not afraid of taking on any organization, state department, or legislator in defending my district.

I pointed out that I was quick to take on my own State Senator, Mark…


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"Petty and Vindictive" is what this rural newspaper said about Rep. Anderegg's Speeding Ticket bill

Since Rep. Anderegg's "Speeding Ticket" bill came up in the debate last night, I wanted to share what the Richfield Reaper newspaper said about his legislation.…


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Endorsement by Rep. Ken Ivory for my efforts to transfer public lands to Utah

Also, many of the state delegates have asked me my position on the Federal Lands in Utah. As I have been a constant advocate for returning these lands to Utah management and control, I appreciated this endorsement from Rep. Ken Ivory who has led this battle in the Utah State Legislature and in the American Lands Council:

"Rep. Dave Lifferth has been a tireless advocate for…


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I am ranked #7 or top 10% in 2016 by

The new 2016 rankings are out.

I am ranked #7 or top 10% in the House of Representatives.

Rep. Knotwell #5

Rep. Anderegg #14

Rep Christofferson #16…


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Description of Questioned Campaign Expenses

I received an email request from Justin Lee, from the Lieutenant Governor's office. He was questioning some of the expenses that I had disclosed in my official financial disclosures that I am required to submit as an elected official in Utah.

There is probably more to the timing of this request, that we may or may not learn about in the future.

As someone who believes strongly in openness and transparency and accountability of elected officials, I am happy to respond to Mr.…


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Answers to Questions from State Delegate Kevin O'Donnal

State Delegate Kevin O'Donnal gave me permission to post his questions and my answers on my blog site

Where do you stand on Common Core? Common core started out on the right path with states being able to determine what their internal state values, ideals, and needs are. However, the Common Core movement was hi-jacked by the Obama administration that fills it full of liberal agenda items and philosophies.  When that happened the Common Core initiative lost its moorings and failed the…


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UT GOP Rules on questions that can be asked of candidates at Caucus

Candidate speeches for each office shall be limited to a total of three minutes per office or delegate seat,…

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Let me tell you why I am running for the State Senate

I am running to give you and the voters in Senate District 13 the opportunity to be more involved and have more say and influence in state government than you have ever experienced.  To most elected officials you are just a signature on a petition or check in a box. To me you are a valued part of this wonderful republic that we have.

I am…


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Results of Senate District 13 Survey of which candidate Caucus attendees will vote for

Early results:

Ted Cruz 78%

Donald Trump 4%

John Kasich 3%

So far not a single vote for Hillary Clinton...

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I earned anotherDefender of Liberty award from Libertas

EMail from Nichelle Aiden at Libertas

Representative Lifferth,

Hi there! Nichelle Aiden with Libertas Institute here.

Congratulations!! I'm writing to let you know that because you scored over 85% on our 2016 Libertas Legislator Index, we'll be presenting you with our Defender of Liberty award at our 2016 Liberty Forum in May.

We will soon send…


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My opposition to HB471 Powersports Vehicle Franchise Amendments

HB471: While HB471 ( is moving in the right direction (15 miles down to 10 miles) the whole protectionism in the franchise law stinks. It is crony capitalism. It is government helping out their buddies. It is government picking winners and losers. It is not pro-competition is it anti-competition.  I like the direction of HB471 is moving, but I have to vote no in…


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Additional information on HB420 Unmanned Vehicle (Drones) amendments

First of all, I want you to know that I am very supportive of the new technology that we call drones. They provide valuable video and photographic images that would be impossible to get any other way. I want this technology to thrive and be used in appropriate ways. HB420 is not an anti-drone bill. It just says use your drones all that you want, just don’t interfere with Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters.

There has been some sensational reporting one HB420 Drone bill and I wanted…


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My support for Rep. Becky Edwards' HJR14


I appreciate the sponsor and her wisdom to look for better ways to fund education and pay teachers more

You can’t have it both ways. Either you are content with our weak WPU and you support the feds occupying 2/3rds of our state or you would like to pay teachers more and increase our WPU by better managing at least some portion of the 2/3rd of our state. 

SITLA is a shining example how we can better manage our own lands and funnel as much funding as…


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Why I love all of the Constitution, including Article V

[I had my speak request button pressed, but didn't get a chance to give some version of the following in favor of HJR8.]

I consider myself among those that believe that the U.S. Constitution is an inspired document. Were the founding fathers perfect, no. Are there grammatical issues in the U.S. Constitution? Yes. But I believe that God works though imperfect people to achieve his purposes.

I believe that all of the U.S. Constitution is inspired. I believe that bill of…


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Email from Jennifer as to why I should vote for SB73 Medicinal Marijuana bill

[I have permission to print Jennifer's email but not other identifying information on my blog site]

Subject: SB73 Please read

Dear David,

I'm not sure where to start this email to truly convey my situation, feelings, and opinions. We have many acquaintances in common, as I've been living and working in the Ranches for 15 years now. (I think we may have actually been in the same Ward, a few splits back)

To give you a little background, I was…


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Email from Ryan as to why I should vote for SB73 Medicinal Marijuana bill

[I have permission from Ryan to post this with his last name and his wife's name removed.]

Subject: Please Vote yes on SB73



I heard about your town meeting where the majority of attendants disapproved of SB73 before the amendments were made.  I was not aware of the meeting or I would have been there with many of my friends and neighbors to support the bill.


My family has been personally affected by chronic illness.


Six years…


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Examples of less lethal ways to neutralize drones

Here are some related videos and links to technologies that neutralize drones that are less than lethal:

***New as of March 4th, 2016

Skywall 100

Radio Jammers:…


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Survey Results from Week 5 of 2016

SB73 Do you support Sen. Madsen's "whole plant" medical marijuana bill?

SB89 Do you support Vicker/Daw Cannabidiol medical marijuana bill?

HB234 Do you support adoptions by same-sex couples?

HB333 Should electronic cigarettes be taxed at an 86% rate?

SB45 Should parents be put in jail if their students exceed maximum absentee…


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Cathy Holt, representing the Deaf Comunity in Utah, visited with me at the state capitol

Cathy Holt, who lives in Eagle Mountain had concerns about HB325 which makes major changes  to the Government Services for the deaf in Utah. Cathy was very polite and courteous in sharing her concerns.

Cathy was able to sit with me on the House Floor and discuss not only HB325 but other legislation that was being debated yesterday.…


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