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Hey Dave, I am sure you are already on top of this one, but I have to give some feedback about how I feel about HB116, and I would like to open a discussion on your blog.  I believe that this bill opens the door to amnesty and makes Utah a sanctuary state.  As you know, I have no problems with legal immigration as it is one of the thing that makes our country great!  Illegal…

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What are your thoughts on Sen. Valentine's proposed changes to Sales Tax on Food?

You may have heard about a recent proposal by Senator John Valentine to raise the sales tax on food from 1.75% to 4.75%.  His proposal is revenue neutral so that no additional taxes are raised.  Low income families, including many in our area will then get tax refunds at the end of the year when…


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Deseret News Article About Mormon Helping Hands in Hurricane Sandy

This article is about the Mormon Helping Hands who voluntered to help residents effected by Hurricane Sandy. The article can be found here: the best part is the video about the service. I especially like the comment of one recipient "They didn't come to…


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What method did voters use to cast their vote in the General Election

Now that there are many ways to cast a vote, I wanted to find out what methods voters on my site chose to use in 2012.


I invited voters in our area and visitors to my site to tell how they voted (or planned to vote).


These are the results of that survey:


I did get feedback from many of the voters that voted early in person that early voting should be less time consuming than voting on the actual election day. I agree that they…


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Report on House Leadership Elections

In my first action as the State Legislature representing House District 2, I voted for the House Leadership. I voted for 3 of the 4 people that were elected and I will give my report below.

                        I voted for:

Speaker of the House    [Becky Lockhart]    Mike Noel

Majority Leader  …


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Utah House of Representatives, '13-14 Committee Requests

To: Speaker Becky Lockhart, House Deputy Joe Pyrah

I wanted to get this to  you as soon as possible. I will deliver the paper request next Wednesday for the Interim Day.

I request to be assigned to the following committees:

1. Education Committee (A)

2. Transportation Committee (B)

3. Workforce Services and Community and Economic Development Committee (C)

4. Public Utility and Technology (A) - If any of the above are not selected

I request to be…


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Results from Election Nov 6, 2012

Utah House District 2
David Lifferth…

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Analysis of Mia Love-Jim Matheson race in LD2

Mia Love won the votes in LD2 by 75.8% over Jim Matheson's 24.2%. Mayor Love had 5,648 more votes in LD2 than did Congressman Matheson.

Below are the break downs by precinct



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