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Email from someone outside my district who wants to preserve funding to planned parenthood

Good Day,


I am reaching out to all Utah Representatives today because I strongly believe that Governor Herbert's measure to bar Planned Parenthood from receiving federal funding disbursed through Utah state agencies is unethical, and is an attempt to subvert women’s 14th Amendment rights.


These services are extremely important, especially in poverty stricken areas where most people can't afford to go to a hospital or regular doctor. They also drastically reduce the need…


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Representative email that I get in my public email inbox

Mr. Lifferth,


I see you voted to stab all Utah Tax Payers in the back and twist the knife.

You and the other 61 liars should be so ashamed of yourselves , you were elected to represent the people not you pocket book.

Enjoy you last term in office and all the grease in the palm of you hand.

The prison did not need to move and there has not been one legitimate reason to move it.

Did you not hear the cries of “We The People”?



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My comments on HCR101S2 on Prison Relocation

I tweeted last winter that if you want to get more people involved in political issues, just offer to put a prison in their community. Let me report that the Prison Relocation process has been very successful in getting more people involved in the political process. In fact, this has been the most successful voter outreach program I have ever experienced.

Even though I was one of the 4 in the House and Senate that voted against moving the prison, I was out voted and have come…


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My comments on the proposed hybrid system of 4-4-5 in electing State School Board members

I applaud concept of a hybrid model that brings key components of different systems. I have seen these hybrid systems work well in some applications. I appreciate the work that has been put into it. I agree that we need to fix this ourselves and not abdicate this decision to an unelected judge. We need to make this decision as elected representatives of the people.

However, more confusing and less responsive than the current model

I describe this concept as Clunky and not just…


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Email to constituents about August 19, 2015 Special Legislative Session

You have probably seen in the news that Governor Gary Herbert has called a special session next Wednesday, August 19th, to have the full legislature vote on the recommendation by the Prison Relocation Committee (PRC). On August 11th, the PRC unanimously voted to recommend the I-80/7200 West site which is west of the Salt Lake City Airport as the site for the new Utah State Prison. Based on projections by the state's analysts this site would save $300…


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2015 Primary Voting Results for Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain

Saratoga Springs City Council Candidates  Votes  Pct 
Rebecca Call *  463…

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PRC just announced that the Utah State Prison will be relocated to Salt Lake City site


The PRC just announced that the Utah State Prison will be relocated to the Salt Lake City site which is west of the SLC Airport. This is a huge relief to those of us in North and West Utah County that have feared that the prison might come to our area. This has been a long and painful process.

I have described this as a near death experience. I have described this as a dodging a bullet.

This has truly been a team effort to oppose the…


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August 11, 2015: Judgementt Day

Prison Relocation Commission will announce location on Tue Aug 11th at 2pm


Saratoga Springs Polling Locations:

  • Horizon Elementary: SR01, SR03
  • Vista Heights: SR02, SR04
  • Harvest Elementary: SR05, SR06
  • Saratoga Shores: SR07, SR08

Eagle Mountain Polling Locations:

  • Ranches Academy – 7789 E.…

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Indoor shopping with my friends and family

My friend Richard Bell just got his Concealed Carry Permit and bought his first semi-automatic handgun. I good some of my family members to shoot with him at an indoor gun range in Salt Lake City.

I let Richard try out my Glock. This photo was perfectly timed to show the flames and sparks as he fired my Glock.

Here is…


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Results from July 2015 Survey

Do you agree with Boy Scouts policy that they will now allow Homosexuals to serve in adult leadership?

Some Other Responses:

B: I suppose they can do what they would like. But I will not be placing my kids in scouts.

D: As an organization, they have a right to make this decision, and they have no compelling reason to not allow them. However, individual charter organizations, like the LDS Church, also need their right to restrict…


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