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Notes from Eagle Mountain City Council debate July 31, 2013

These are my 8 pages of notes from the city coucil candidate debate. I need to say that I was impressed with all of the candidates.

Nick Jessen: got involved because there were quite a few things in the city that needed an analytical look. There is lot that could be done; donating his stipend and will work as a volunteer



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When should the Utah Republican Party hold Caucus Night, State Convention, and Primary Elections?

The State Republican Party is currently deciding on which dates to hold Caucus Night, State Convention, and Primary Elections in 2014. This is a complex decision with many variables that must be considered. There are Federal Election Laws and State Election laws that must be met as part of this decision. As a member of the State Central Committee of the Republican Party representing North and West Utah County, this is an important decision…


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Global Warming Exhibits and Notes

Global Warming


  • I live and operate in the world of facts of real science. I don’t get swayed by hype or popular bandwagons.
  • I am going to share facts with you today that you that while readily available on any NSA-compliant search engine for some reason never makes it onto the evening news.
  • I am going to quote directly from scientists’ emails that were released without their approval
  • I love nature and appreciate the natural beauty…

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My notes from July 17, 2013, special session

July 17, 2013

Conservative Caucus

Conservative Caucus discussing  Rep. Mike Noell’s proposed repeal of his bill HB155

National Shooting Sports Foundation; Hunting Foundations; Hunting Works for Utah: Launching in Utah today

Conservative Caucus: Rep. Gibson:“The sage grouse is not as sexy as the wolf”; Rep. Lifferth:”Speak for yourself”


Education Interim Committee

Debra Roberts: purposes, mission…


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Committee to investigate AG John Swallow

This is the email that I received from Speaker Lockhart:


This afternoon I will appoint nine members to the legislative investigative committee.  I have pondered a great deal concerning the purpose and process of this investigation, what we are asking of the committee members appointed, and the importance of fairness and openness.  

I have determined that the committee will be made up of five republicans and four democrats. This…


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My notes from July 3, 20132, special session


Discussion of immunity

Fiscal Note for HR9001: http://le.utah.gov/lfa/fnotes/2013H1/HR9001.fn.htm #utpol #utleg

Investigate conduct to determine fitness for public…


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Propsals to make Republican Caucus Night better

I have several note documents that I am pulling this blog from so I hope that I am not missing any ideas. Please chime in with your own ideas or critiques of mine. I know that there are other ideas out there and hope to pull all of them together.

The overall objective of caucus night is that everyone every Republican that wants to participate to do so in a a convenient and supportive environment. The more hurdles that are placed in the way of participating the fewer who will…


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