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My ungiven Soap Box Rant on Greg Graves

I was not able to give this soap box rant tonight at the Utah County GOP Central Committe Meeting because a majority of those in attendance voted to remove the discussion and potential vote of "No Confidence" in…


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What is the best way to fairly tax electric vehicles for their use of Utah's roads?

Ok, I need your thoughts and your help. I am in the state legislature in Utah and am on the Transportation Committee. I have been assigned to look at how to fairly and appropriately tax electric vehicles so that they (us) are paying for their use of the roads but not to the point that it becomes a deterrent to the adoption of electric vehicles.


Some background: I love my Chevy Volt and it has been discussed positively by Utah legislators and staff both during the legislative…


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Correcting the lies in the SLTrib about my Chevrolet Volt

Just Barack Obama, the writers at the SLTrib lie at every opportunity. I think that is the primary reason that their newspaper is in a business death spiral. But there are still a few people that believe what they read in the Trib, so I will correct the record for those few remaining subscribers of the Trib.

But first I wanted to post one of my favorite YouTube videos that makes my point about Barack Obama.…


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Executive Director of Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Spencer Eccles, Steps Down

*The attached contains the following:

For Immediate Release

June 5, 2014




Executive Director of Governor’s Office of Economic Development Steps Down

Eccles to be a founding principal in private investment company


Salt Lake City – After nearly five years at the helm of Utah's economic development efforts, Spencer P. Eccles, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), is…


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