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Email from County Delegate John Emett


After I posted my responses to the NRA and UEA Questionnaire, John Emett who is a County Delegate from EM04 replied with a well thought out email concerning education. I got his permission to post his email to my web site to encourage a public dialog about education issues.

Hi David,

Thanks for your transparency in filling out these forms! You seem like you will make a wonderful representative for us. I think you will have a bright future in the…

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Responses to NRA Questionnaire

[I have completed the Questionnaire from the NRA. I have abbreviated some of the questions.  Let me know if you have any questions about the questions or my responses.]

1.    Do you agree that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees a fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms that applies to all Americans, regardless of where they live in the United States? A. Yes

2.    Which of the following statements best represents your opinion on the…


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Responses to UEA Questionnaire

[I have several Questionnaires that I have been asked to fill out as a Candidate for State Legislature. I will post these responses online as part of my openness, transparency, and accountability.]

1.    Why are you running for the Legislature and what priorities have you identified that you want to pursue as a member of the legislature?

•    I want to make sure that the residents of Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain are well represented in Legislative decisions.…


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Results of Political Issues by the County Delegates in LD2

I am preparing to post this blog on my site, but I wanted to make it available to the County Delegates from LD2 in draft form before it goes live.  I had just under 50% of county delegates participate in this survey. I encourage you to participate if you haven't yet. I hope to do this regularly to ensure that I am working on the important issues to our Legislative…


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Another email from a County Delegate contituent

I got approval to post this on my Blog. This shows the expectation that I am setting as to how I will serve as an elected representative of Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain.  Constituents that I have served before recognize the value and benefit of an elected representative that will is open, transparent, and accountable.



I look forward to communicating with you. I am already a member of your ning and have been following your posts somewhat…


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Email from a constituent

I got permission from Brett to post his email on my blog. Brett throws down the gauntlet.


My biggest concern for Utah is state sovereignty. The biggest threat to that, in my opinion, is the money that the Federal government keeps providing to Utah in…


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Why am I running Un-Opposed in House District 2?

After being very pleasantly surprised by not having anyone else file to run in the newly created House District #2, I have been repeatedly asked “why am I running un-opposed?”  I have been teased about it at work and on the KTalk radio show this morning. So I decided that question should be my next blog.

I will go into some of the longer history portions of this answer below, but I will jump into some of the strategy portions of the answer first.

Over the past decade, I…


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Report on EM06 Caucus Night

Caucus Night in EM06 was huge.  We had a major turn out with roughly 150 attendees. Since the room that we were in had a fire code of 40, we were almost 4 times the legal limit.  Many attendees spent time in the hallways until it was time to vote.  The room was also hot and toward the end it began to smell like a locker room.

We elected new party leadership. John Harrington was elected on the first ballot to be Precinct Chair with 94 votes, Ben Neilson came is 2nd with 28 and Mike…


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Reminder of Meet the Candidates March 13th 6pm and Caucus Night March 15th

Less than 3 days until the Republican Party Caucus Meetings. Can you feel the excitement in the air? The Republican Party Caucus Meetings are Thursday, March 15th, at 7pm. If you live in Saratoga Springs or Eagle Mountain, we will hold our Caucus Meetings at Vista Heights Middle School in Saratoga Springs. That is just west of Westlake High School.

Arrange carpools with your friends and neighbors. Bring a pen so that you can fill out any forms, sign your name, and vote for the…


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Caucus discussion from

While I disagree with some of the premises that are made and am aware of some of the biases of the presentation, I think that this is actually a well rounded discussion of the issues surrounding Utah Caucuses. If you have an hour of time between now and the Caucus meetings, I recommend that you view this YouTube video from

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Time on the House Floor with Rep. Ken Sumsion

I spent some time this past week on the State House Floor with Rep. Ken Sumsion.  We got to talk about pending legislation and his work toward reclaiming Utah Lands from the Feds. Ken is a great guy and I call him "The hardest working guy in the State Legislature."

I also got to visit with Reps. Keith Grover, Craig Frank, and Chris…

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Draft of my tri-fold campaign brocure

Let me know what you think of it. Place your comments below. Thanks.…


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Two Weeks to Caucus Night March 15, 2012 7pm at Vista Heights

The 2012 Republican Caucus meetings will be held two weeks from tonight at 7pm on March 15, 2012 at Vista Heights Middle School. I invite you to attend and participate. These Neighborhood Caucus meetings are the most basic level of Grass Roots politics.  The Utah Republican Party has a goal of having 100,000 participants at neighborhood caucus meetings.  That is 33% more than the record breaking attendance that participated in 2010. 

Saratoga Springs and Eagle…


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