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My notes from Feb 28th; day 31

There was a turkey vulture at the State Capitol today. There are a lot of jokes that could come from this, so I will let them go.  The Turkey Vulture, which is native to Utah, was brought by the Tracy Aviary.

We also got a preview of a "tax receipt" that will come in the future to show Utah tax payers how they are spending their money. This expense for most…


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My notes from Day 30, February 27, 2013

HB348 Local District Amendments sets max date at 180

(I voted no at the last minute) HB158 Municipalities increase to 25%; I recognize the need for this buffer to be prepared but at some point we should give the money back to the tax payers

We recognized Utah's Firefighters for fighting over 1,500 fires in Utah last year.

Record 1,500 fires last…


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Education Appropriations Budget Priorities

Last night the Public Education Appropriations Committee submitted our budget priorities to the Executive Appropriations Committee. They will finalize the budget next Wednesday.


The overall process went smoother than I expected. One new process was that each committee member was given a list of education opportunities and we had to rank them based on which we thought were the most important. There were 2 lists: One Time Funding and Ongoing Funding.




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My blog from Day 29, February 26, 2013

I presented my first bill HB127 today. It was eventually circled after there were enough concerns about the ownership provisions for Lien Holders. I need to resolve that issue and bring the bill back fairly quickly this week.

It was a late night as the Public Education Appropriations Committee finalized our budget priorities. See my blog on that which I will post later today

Floor session

(I voted Yes) HB67…


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My blog from Day 28, February 25, 2013

I submitted my education prioritization funding list today. That has taken at least a month of deliberation. There is no way that we can make everybody happy.

Today we got our actual tax revenues, or at least something very close.  We are seeing a slight surge in income tax from people that decided to take their income under 2012 tax laws instead of 2013. This…


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Highlights from February 18th-22th State Legislature Bills

HB 38 Campaign Contribution Amendments would have prohibited any anonymous cash contribution of over $100. The bill was defeated in the House on Friday, however. This bill was previously approved by the House but the Senate approved anonymous donations over $50. This re-vote was because there could not be an agreement between the two houses over the maximum amount of anonymous donations. My position is that anyone should be able to give as much money as they want as free speech.…


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My blog from Day 25, February 22, 2013

Today was a fairly low impact day, but I expect it is the calm before the storm. The education budget for the Public Education Appropriations committee has to be finalized between now and Tuesday Night at 7pm.

Today on the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, we honored and recognized those that served in that war from Utah.…


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Email exchange with a Republican constitutent that disagrees with my postion on gun bills

I got permission to post this email exchange from a Republican constituent. They gave me permission to post their emails as long as I removed their name and any identifying details. I enjoy debating with constituents. I usually agree with constituents, but in this case we are miles apart.

Feb 21, 2013

Mr. Lifferth-

As one of your constituents, fellow Eagle Mountain resident and as a worried mother I am writing you today. I am a member of both the national and…


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My blog from Day 24, February 21, 2013

Feb 21, 2013; Day 24

Ed Cmt notes


Super Menlove says that HB306 is the fairest way that the state can deliver funds equitably for each student.

Supported by PTA


Good policy, but it is dictating policy to local school districts

I think that it is great policy, but should it be dictated by legislation to school districts?


(I voted yes) SB53: Intergenerational poverty

(I voted yes) SB40: Navajo Royalties…


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Results from recent survey about Identity Theft

Here are the results for the survey "Have you ever had your identity stolen?"

Identity Theft

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My blog from Day 23, February 20, 2013

Feb 20, 2013, Day 23

Today was "Gun Day" on Capitol Hill with a half dozen gun bills being heard in committee.  As you can tell, it was standing room only in the committees that debated these bills.

Some guy "open carried" a Ruger Mini-14 to the committed that debated HB76 and HB114:…


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Education Funding Requests from Governor Herbert's office

Rep. Lifferth,


Please consider the following for prioritization that are important to Governor Herbert in public education.

  • Funding of GROWTH (13,254 new students) in public education $70 milion for the current year and $25 million for last year
  • 1.16% on the WPU for compensation $26 million
  • Early Intervention $7.5 million to districts and $2.5 million for early intervention technology programs and $3.9 million for other students at risk of…

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Letter to Senate Education Committee

David, as per your request, I am posting my letter, sent this morning, to the Senate Education Committee. Please feel free to share it with any and all who can help regarding this issue.  You also have my permission to post it to a different area in your site or elsewhere if you so choose.  Thank you, Charlotte
Senate Education Committee,
I am a constituent, parent, and patron in the Utah State Public Education system.  I would…

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My blog from Day 22, February 19, 2013

Today Rep. Kay Christofferson and his twin brother Jay played a joke on the state legislature by having Jay stand up for the legislators to sing him happy birthday and then having Rep. Christofferson walk up and stand by his brother. The singing stopped as there was confusion about who was actually Rep. Christofferson. It was pretty funny and they had a good laugh. Here is the photo that I took.…


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Survey results of Banning Under Age 18 from using wireless phones

This is a discussion and results of HB103:Should people under the age of 18 be banned from using wireless phones while driving.  These are the Final results:

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Question from constituent about how laws are made in Utah

Representative Lifferth,

Thanks for the emails and blog. Your efforts have made state government accessible and they have pulled back the curtain on some of the processes.

While reading your blog, I have wondered how bills come to be.  Are they largely citizen initiatives pushed forward by constituencies or do Lawmakers mostly come up with the ideas on their own? How much of  a role do lobbyist or other special interests groups play in the conception/drafting of…


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Discssion of Identity Theft

I am working on a bill SB170 that updates the Utah Identify Theft law. As part of this discussion, I have asked constituents to tell me if they have ever had their identity stolen.


Here is a link to SB170


So far in the survey, a majority have not had their identity stolen, but there has been a lot who have had their identity stolen.


I will post…


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Results from constituent survey on Dating Violence

This is the results of my constituent survey on Dating Violence. The exact question that I asked is:

HB50:Should protective orders be applied to those who have dated and not just cohabitated?…


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