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I spoke to the 6th Graders at Eagle Valley Elementary School

After receiving letters from the 6th grade students at Eagle Valley Elementary School, I wanted to visit with them. The students had the assignment of writing letters to elected officials about an issue that was important to them. The students decided to write letters to me so that I could deliver them to members of the Prison Relocation Commission (PRC).



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Photos from dedication of Sgt. Cory Wride Memorial Park

I have additional photos that I took on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/david.lifferth/posts/10152951372565999?pnref=story

I was able to participate in the Sgt. Cory Wride Memorial Procession and Park dedication today. It was very touching. I was very impressed with Cory's wife Nanette said that the family had forgiven the shooter.…


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Discussion with Governor Herbert on the Prison Relcation

I finally got to meet with Governor Herbert. He held an open house to meet with legislators after his State of the State Speech last night.  I think his objective was to discuss his Healthy Utah plan with Legislators. But I took the opportunity to discuss the prison with him.

We talked for about 10 minutes about the prison relocation issue and discussed the…


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I was able to visit with elected officials from Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain

I was able to take the elected officials and staff from Eagle Mountain. This is the group in the House Chambers. City Councilmen Tom Westmorland and Adam Bradley, City Administrator Ifo Pili, Mayor Chris Pengra, City Councilwoman Donna Burnham, City Recorder Fionnuala Kofoed, Finance Director Paul Jerome.…


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Mayor Pengra in meetings with me on Capitol Hill

Mayor Chris Pengra was able to visit with key members of the Prison Relocation Commission and legislators. He was able to share important information about the analysis of the proposed Eagle Mountain site.

Rep. Sagers (Tooele) and Mayor Pengra

We also met with Senator Mayne, Rep. Wheatley, Rep. Doug Sagers, Rep. Brad Wilson, Rep. Hutchings, and Speaker…


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Information on Health Care proposals

There have been many questions about the various Health Care Proposals including Governor Herbert's Healthy Utah proposal.  Here are some of the details taken from a Power Point prepared by Rep. Jim Dunnigan.



$28 million

FY16 : $16 million

70/30 extension of…


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Resources for being involved in the Legislative Process


  • Collection of Legislative Links
  • Next Scheduled Meetings
  • Links to Committee Audio and Video
  • Committee Meeting Calendar


  • House 3rd Reading Calendar contains bills that will be voted on…

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Survey Results of Top 10 Bills prior to 2015 Legislative Session

Would you support taxes paying for BodyCams for law enforcement officers?

Some Other Responses:

B: But if we could get private groups to help too that would be great.

S: I support our officers having functioning body cams, although the cams are not perfect. But, if they have them, they need to be used continuously. They need to have enough storage for a full shift. I understand there are substantial technical issues with most cameras.…


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Photos from Memorial for Former Speaker Becky Lockhart Jan 22, 2015

The memorial for Speaker Lockhart was very will done and an inspiration to all.

There was a slide show before the memorial with photos of former Speaker Lockhart.

I invited Casey Jones to be my guest at the memorial.…


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How to Manage your Legislator 2015

I take the title for this blog from a conversation that I had with a former boss. In that conversation, he said “Dave, here are the tricks to managing your manager” and then he went on to give me some very good advice about what I should say and do to get the best performance out of my boss and have a positive working relationship with him.  I hope to pass along some best practices for managing and working with me and other State Legislators.  This…


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Prison Relocation Update #15

I have previously worked with the State Corrections Department to determine what percent of State Prison Inmates are from Utah County. I had been quoting this differently (not much) but wanted to correct the record. You will see these numbers pop up in other places as well.




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Percentage of Inmates in Utah State Prison System based on County Court of Conviction

The table below shows the county location of the court of conviction for all of our current inmates. 

SALT LAKE  2504 36.50%…

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Survey Results of Constitutents survey of Additional Prison Relocation Questions

Would you support the State Prison to be located in Eagle Mountain?

Some Other Responses:

A: Depending on the location. I could be convince relocation is good. If it is right next to the Middle school, "no" if it is in the middle of Cedar Fort and City Center, I would be amenable to it.

J: prison should stay where it is!

B: I propose the prison be moved to a less populated area.

B: I'm kind of ambivalent on this one. I don't think there…


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Email from Eagle Mountain resident Kirk Horinek about proposed ban on Wood Burning Stoves

I got a well thought out email from Kirk Horinek and got his approval to post it on my blog.

On 12/30/14 4:42 PM, Kirk Horinek wrote:

Dear Sir,

With the upcoming Winter months, there has been some

suggestions reported that the State should have an outright ban on the

use of wood burning appliances by It¹s residents. Being one of those who

use wood as a partial heat source, I oppose such an outright ban ad would

like to suggest the…


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