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List of Common Public Education Acronyms

Government is full of Acronyms. This is both good and bad. It can improve efficiency of communication among those that understand the Acronyms, but it completely useless and wasted time for people who don't know the meaning of the acronyms. I will frequently interrupt a meeting by asking what an acronym means so that participants will know what it means.…


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I'm lovin' my new Chevy Volt

I have been planning to blog about my new Chevy Volt. But I have been planning to blog about a lot of other things, but haven't had the time. I'm loving my new Volt and want to share my experience.

Vanity License Plate of "100 MPGE"

Yes, I know that the Chevrolet Volt has political baggage, but I…


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How to Manage your State Legislator

I take the title for this email from a conversation that I had with a former boss. In that conversation, he said “Dave, here are the tricks to managing your manager” and then he went on to give me some very good advice about what I should say and do to get the best performance out of my…


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Survey results from a polls about Poligamy and Same-Sex marriage

Do you support my policy of posting emails from people *outside my district* to a public web site or have suggestions to improve it?

Other responses:

1. M: I don't mind as long as it is clearly identified as an opinion of someone outside your constituents.

2. G: It would be nice if you had an "INSIDE" and "OUTSIDE" of my district labeling method...

3. P: Does it even matter

4. M: I don't think so. I recognize you…


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My policy on posting emails to me on the State Legislature public page

I have been looking forward to the opportunity to easily post my official emails to a public page on the internet. I have made great efforts to be open, transparent, and accessible to my constituents. I like to contrast that with the claims by the Obama administration to be the most open and transparent in history.

In my frequent emails and dialogues with my constituents I ask them if I can post their emails either with or without their names on my blog site. I do this to encourage…


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