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My blog from Day 4, January 31, 2013

Today was highlighted by a visit to the State Capitol by Mayor Mia Love. She was treated like a Rock Star. I was honored to walk her around the Capitol and introduce her. However, she knew more people that I did.

These are how I voted on bills today:

HB 41 remove an archaic law that is not being enforced

HB 42 remove a process that costs…


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Should Dixie State College be rename Dixie State University?

am sorry that I haven't not yet conducted a survey of pending legislation. I have been swamped with my first week at the State Legislature and haven't yet had a break in the action to prepare a survey.

I have been blogging and tweeting daily and hourly, but now is the first chance that I have had to send out a survey. I have a list of items that I want to survey those that I represent. I will run these surveys about every other day and I hope that you will take…


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My vote on HJR-6, compensation changes


I briefly touched on this vote in yesterday’s blog. House Joint Resolution 6 (HJR-6) change the compensation structure for state legislators.

I know that the local press is portraying this as the legislature voted a pay raise for themselves, but here is the rest of the story.

First, I have inoculated myself from complaints about this because I previously voted against a pure pay raise for the city council when I was on the city council. So,…


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Blog from Day 3 of State Legislature, Jan 30, 2013

A very busy day that started before 5am and won't be over until 10:30 or 11.

The Evening was capped by Governor Gary Herbert's State of the State Address. There is probably no Governor in the Nation that has a better story to tell about their State than Gov. Herbert. I live Tweeted his speech, so If you want to see what stood out to me, Follow me on Twitter:…


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Blog from Day 2 of the State Legislature, Jan 29th, 2013

For the second day in a row, I had a white knuckled ride to Salt Lake City on state roads and I-15 that had not been plowed. I remember a poem that I came up with 15 years ago during a cross country drive over Christmas Break: “We are very grateful to have made it home alive, we that our Heavenly Father, Anti-Lock Brakes, and Four-Wheel Drive. LOL

Today was the first full day of committee meetings and floor time. I was better prepared for today’s votes because of the bills that were…


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Blog from Day 1 of the State Legislature, Jan 28th, 2013

It was a busy day with a frantic pace on the first day of the State Legislature. It started out with a very snowy and treacherous drive from Eagle Mountain. There were parts of I-15 in Salt Lake County that were not snow plowed. I was only able to get up to 40mph one time between the point of the mountain at downtown Salt Lake.


The first business of the day at the State Legislature was to swear everyone in. I was sworn in with the large group of newly elected…


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Utah State Legislsative Session begins Monday, January 28th


The countdown is over and the 2013 Utah State Legislative Session will begin on Monday, January 28th at 10am.  I am enthusiastic with a bit of nervousness.

I have heard this same question about 100 times this past week: "Are you ready for the Legislative Session?" My answer is "I don't know if I can ever be ready, but I am doing…


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Are any of your guns on the list that DiFi wants to ban?<

Are any of your guns on the list that DiFi wants to ban?

The legislation being pushed by Feinstein — who has long history of calling for gun bans — would prohibit the sale, transfer, importation and manufacture of certain firearms.…

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My Results on the Political Compass test

These are my results from the online  Political Compass test. I thought that most of the questions must have been thought up by Occupy Wall Street protestors. I doubt that it is too accurate because it put Barack Obama just one square to the left and south of Mitt Romney. http://www.politicalcompass.org/test

The Political Compass results for Dave Lifferth:

Economic Left/Right: 3.88 Social…


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Gun Rights Rally at Utah State Capitol, Jan 19, 2013

Utah also held a Gun Rights or Gun Appreciation Rally today at the State Capitol building. Many other states from all across the county did the same.  Here are some of my photos and observations.

Here are Reps. Lifferth and Greene on the steps of the State Capital after the rally ended. Rep. Brian Greene, Dist 57, gave the concluding speech at the Gun Rally today. He…


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Utah Sheriffs Association responds to Pres. Obama Executive Orders that infringe on 2nd Amendment Rights


The Honorable Barack Obama

President of the United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama:

We, the elected…


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Gun Rights Rally at the Utah State Capitol, Saturday January 19th at noon

If you are interested in preserving our 2nd Amendment Rights, there is a Gun Rally at the Utah State Capitol tomorrow, Saturday January 19th at noon. I plan to attend and would love to visit with you while we are there.

The most common theme to my emails from constituents this week has been about concern of Presidential Executive Orders and Federal Legislation that infringes…


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Revised letter To Representatives

Dear House of Representatives,


In response to the “Fiscal Cliff” situation: 


We feel strongly that President Obama will not accept any solution that keeps America strong and pulls us out of our dire economic state. His intentions have never seemed to be in support of a strong US and the preservation of our Constitution. It seems more obvious that he intends to do away with our democratic republic, eradicate our free-market economy and establish some sort of…


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Response to Holly Richardson's blog about Women in Politics

I posted this as a response to Holly Richardson's blog about Women in politics:


I am happy to report that women are empowered and very well represented in my house district #2.

In fact, I am probably the token male in our district.

I represent Saratoga Springs and…


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Preservation of the Second Amendment

Dear Rep Lifferth,

My name is Derek Larson and I have some real concerns about the direction or country is heading, specifically in regards to the second amendment. One would think that the Constitution and Bill of Rights would be sufficient to protect these inalienable rights but it appears that may not be the case. That being said, I would like to implore you to act to protect our rights under the Second Amendment. I would like to see a bill introduced much like what Wyoming has…


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How to manage your Legislator

I take the title for this blog from a conversation that I had with a former boss. In that conversation, he said “Dave, here are the tricks to managing your manager” and then he went on to give me some very good advice about what I should say and do to get the best performance out of my boss and have a positive working relationship with him.  I hope to pass along some best practices for managing and working with me and other State Legislators.  This…


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Photos from Governor's Inauguration

I took these photos today at the inauguration of Gov. Herbert, Lt. Gov. Bell, Att. Gen. Swallow, and Treasurer Ellis.

Mo-Tab was awesome. Battle Hymn of the Republic echoing off the arched ceiling of the rotunda was memorable.



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